New Music: Hey Ho- Ludacris ft. Lil' Kim

Listen to Kim's verse on Ludacris' new song "Hey Ho" here:

The full song is available for purchase NOW on Itunes.

I want to hear some honest feedback in the comments section.

Ludacris said that Kim's verse on this track rivals the way she was spitting on her debut album "Hardcore" . That's a pretty bold statement you agree or disagree with him? Let's hear your comments!

Posted on 16 Feb 2010 by LilKimZoneDeux

NBA All star Weekend + Ustream

Good news for all of Kim's fans in the lone star state!

Kim will be performing on 2/13/10 in Dallas Texas.

Check out the flyer here

One or two fans have been complaining why we at LilKimZone don't update every single day.

Well kids, if there was news to update the site with we'd be updating. Most of the time its a slow on the news front. Kim is layin low until the mixtape/album comes out so until then you all will have to be patient.

Quite honestly reposting old pics over and over and over again gets old, I tried posting old pics as filler material before but then people were sayin sh*t like "why are u posting all this old sh*t we want new sh*t!" well hello!! there is no new sh*t to post!! LOL.

When there is news trust we will have it first....and there's only one place u can find it on and thats the LilKimZone forums. Other copy cat sites dont apply.

If you want the latest up to the minute news on Kim you are going to have to head over to our forums here:

ps another "site" (and I use that term very loosely) really needs to stop stealing news from our forums.

The proof is in the pudding. Even the jpg file name that you linked the pictures to "64060293.jpg" is the same & you always post news AFTER it has been posted on our forums. Proving what? Right that you are a thieving b*tch. Not only that you are sloppy thieving b*tch and you can't even cover your tracks! LOL.

Stop coming to our forums scavenging for content to repost on your amateur blog site- find your own sh*t.

Its highly unprofessional and makes you look like a desperate bottom feeder, which of course is exactly what you are.

Ok onto other matters....

Kim made a very rare appearance on Ustream tonight.

Though she was over two hours late she did finally end up showing up. She stayed for about 5 minutes and we did not get to cover much ground, but she did say that she is working on a new twitter page as well as some other goodies for the fans.

We were told by some people in her crew that the new single would be dropping in a couple of weeks. That seems like a bit of a stretch to me, but we will see.

Thank you to everyone involved who tried to make this happen. It wasn't perfect by any means, but its definitely a step in the right direction.

For a full re-cap on the Ustream chat be sure to join us on the forums

But caution yourself it gets very real over there. you have to go in with some intelligence, wit & humor. people who take things really literally usually do not fare well in the forums and will get eaten alive, but other than that its a very good resourceful place to get the latest & most up to date news on Kim.

One thing that you guys have to remember about LilKimZone is that we keep it 200% real because though it may not look like it to the outsider at the end of the day we want the best for Kim.

"Yes Men" and fake "Yes Fans" might seem like they are "Real" because they never have anything "bad" to say. your song is always the hottest your outfit is always the sexiest you always look the best, everything is peachy when it really isn't, yes these people might be great to have around if you are in need of an ego boost, but in fact they are the most fake of all. Yes men are poisonous & are the downfall to every great artist.

"Yes men" type fans and people could care less about Kim's demise nor do they look at the bigger picture. You have to look at these people's motives. Her fans on LilKimZone have no other motive than to see her succeed and to see her star shine the brightest....we have no personal gain whether her next album sells through the roof or how her brand is perceived on a global stage. There is nothing for us to gain whether she does good or bad. The only motive we have is the motive of wanting the best for Kim....Whereas the "yes men" have something to gain and they will do whatever it takes to stay in that person's good grace...enablers, users, etc. often fall into this category.

Please keep in mind that LilKimZone has been here for over ten years- the longest standing #1 Lil' Kim resource on the net. There is no other site in history who holds that title. Respect that. The fans that post on LilKimZone forums have been fans of Kim's since the beginning of her career and you will find that many of us are often very opinionated, but that is simply because the biggest fans are always the biggest critics.

You can't say a movie critic is "hating" on movies because he critiques them. He critiques them because he has a passion for the artform he is enthralled with cinema; that is why he critiques them.

So with that said anyone and everyone who visits the forums needs to take that into mind and into consideration. The fans that are on the forums are without a doubt her biggest and most dedicated fans, but when you put someone up on such a high pedestal there are bound to be some bitter feelings when "xyz" happens & I wont go into what "xyz" is, but if you are really curious you can do some reading on the forums and get to know things beyond a superficial manner. Don't judge a book by its cover is all im saying- you'd be surprised.

Ciao for now.

ps in case you guys didn't know there are TWO co-admins for this website

1.) LilKimZone
2.) LilKimZoneDeux (myself)

Posted on 09 Feb 2010 by LilKimZoneDeux

Lil' Kim @ Mansion - Celebrating the Saints' victory

Picture credit:

Here's a makeup tutorial on how to get Lil' Kim's infamous luscious au-natural look. No offense to Kim, but showing up to events looking like she applied her makeup with a paint-gun isn't exactly good for her career.

Posted on 08 Feb 2010 by admin

Misc Recent Pictures

Bryant McKinney's pre-game party and more.

Bryant McKinney's pre-game party video footage

Lil Kim @ M2 Part 1 - Part 2. (thx to Wade)

Posted on 08 Feb 2010 by admin

Man Pleads Guilty To Lil Kim Bash Murder
A New York City nightclub employee has pleaded guilty to murdering a woman on the rooftop of the club during Lil Kim's 2008 birthday celebration in.

Employee Syed Rahman pleaded guilty to murder yesterday (February 2).

An employee at a Times Square karaoke club pleaded guilty Tuesday to beating a patron to death on the roof of the venue while a birthday celebration for rapper Lil' Kim was underway. Prosecutors charge Syed Rahman attacked 24-year-old Ingrid Rivera with a steel pipe and slashed her throat during the party at Spotlight Live. (WPIX)

Reports suggest victim Rivera was kicked out of Lil Kim's birthday bash for being too intoxicated.

Cops said Rahman, 24, helped get the 24-year-old Queens woman back into the since-shuttered Spotlight Live after she'd been tossed out for being too drunk. He lured her up to the roof by asked her to "come take a walk with me." Then he "savagely and viciously" bludgeoned her with a steel pipe after she rejected his advances. He slashed her throat and left her lying in a pool of blood on the roof, authorities said. Her body was discovered two days later. (New York Post)

An attorney for Rivera's family has addressed the guilty verdict.

"Nothing will ever bring back her daughter back ... [but] this means she doesn't have to go through the pain of a trial," said Steven Rothberg, a lawyer for the victim's mom. (New York Daily News)

He will reportedly be sentenced to time behind bars beginning next month.

Rahman told police he was on the elevator with the woman and hit her with a steel pole. He then cut her across the neck and killed her, authorities said. He is expected to receive 20 years to life in prison at his sentencing on March 16. (DNA Info) (thx to perfect1)
Posted on 04 Feb 2010 by admin

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