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As America reflects on the tragic events of 9/11, Lil Kim is hoping to give her ďKiller BeesĒ a pick me up in the form of her ďHard CoreĒ mixtape. Below the Queen Bee dishes to BOSSIP about her ďsexyĒ new project, recent talks with her ďfamilyĒ Diddy and her precious baby girl Royal Reign.

Why did you decide to drop your mixtape on 9/11?
Itís a very historic, memorable day. Not only will we be celebrating the release of my ďHard CoreĒ mixtape but we will also be remembering life today. When my fans think of my mixtape theyíll also have something else to think about in a good way, itíll be kind of like paying our respects to the families. Donít get me wrong it wasnít a very happy day but sometimes when thereís a catastrophe that goes down like 9/11 and years have passed, a lot of times you want to make people smile on that date because itís hard to make people whoíve been affected smile. There may be a fan of mine whose been affected personally by 9/11 and who may say; ĎIím going to get Kimís CD to at least make me smile today.í

What can fans expect from the mixtape; lyricism like on the original ďHardcoreĒ album?
I think itís definitely the heavy lyricism that my fans are used to. You know itís always sexual with me, I canít help it. Thatís always gonna be a part of my music because Iím sexy at least thatís what they tell me. You can never fully recreate that moment because ďHardcoreĒ was a classic. You canít really create a classic no matter how hard you try.

How would you describe Lil Kim fans who go to war for you?
Theyíre the Killer Bee hive.

And why do you think theyíre so loyal?
Because Iím loyal to them, I donít cheat on them, they donít cheat on me. I love them wholeheartedly, I love them dearly. Through thick and then theyíve been there and they ainít going nowhere. I appreciate that and they feel like they know me like they sleep at my house. They cuss me out like a sister, they love me like a mother and itís a beautiful thing to have the fans that I have.

We recently saw a picture of you and Diddy on Twitter and it started a rumor that he was once again stepping up to be your managerÖ
Itís funny cause technically Diddy and I are really like family whether weíre seeing eye to eye or not. Weíre probably always going to have business together. Weíre definitely in talks and discussions about business.

How is motherhood? How is Royal Reign?
Itís the most rewarding thing out of all this. If I had to go through all of this s** just to get to motherhood and have a child I wouldnít want to take another route. Just to have this beautiful baby, thatís my beautiful daughter. Itís the most amazing gift that God could ever give me. Itís wonderful.

Why should people download your ďHard CoreĒ mixtape?
Itís good music thatís just all I can say. Theyíll love the experience of the evolved reinvention of Kim.

Posted on 11 Sep 2014 by LilKimZone

Lil' Kim Shade 45 Interview With Dj Kay Slay

Kim went on Shade45 on Sirius XM last night to promote her mixtape Hard Core 2, which is scheduled to be released today at 9:11PM ET on LilKim.com.

Posted on 11 Sep 2014 by LilKimZone

New Song "Real Sick" featuring Jadakiss

Posted on 11 Sep 2014 by LilKimZone

Lil' Kim Releases New Cover Art Design For Hard Core 2 Mixtape

"DROPPING 9/11 at 9:11pm!!!! #HardCoreMixtape"

Posted on 09 Sep 2014 by LilKimZone

ID Interview With Lil' Kim

Bill Cunningham can tell you best: New York Fashion Week happens just as much on the street as it does on the runway. Friday night, bonafide Hip Hop and style legend Lil Kim kept the NYFW party rolling, giving the eager crowd a taste of her forthcoming mixtape Hardcore 2K14 at one of our favorite West Side spots Up & Down. i-D caught up with her after her slam-dunk set to talk motherhood, Marc Jacobs, and what girl power means to the Notorious K.I.M.

Congratulations on becoming a new mother! Whatís been the most rewarding part of parenthood thus far?
Just her, period! Sheís the most beautiful baby ever. I love her, I miss her so much right now. Being away from her is the hardest, sheís the most beautiful thing. When she looks at me itís just perfect! Itís love.

What should we expect to hear on your forthcoming mixtape, HardCore 2K14?
Hopefully some good music! I just want for people to have an experience when they listen to my music. I canít please everybody, so I just try to please my fans and make the music that makes me feel happy, too.

As someone who was born and raised in Bed Stuy, what do you love most about New York?
The fast pace is nice - parties like this! Most of the parties here donít close until like four or five in the morning, so thatís a plus. I go out of town a lot and clubs will close at like two. I love that thereís always something happening in New York.

Whether itís ďBlack Barbie Dressed in BulgariĒ or when you rocked Louis Vuitton logo body paint for a David LaChapelle shoot, you definitely know your way around luxury! Who are you most excited to see this fashion week?
I havenít seen my baby, my boy, Marc Jacobs, in so long! Iím so proud of him and the things that heís doing right now. Just being out and being who he wants to be. Heís always been in his own lane, heís always helped so many other people, and heís just awesome! I want to see him venture out and do what he wants in a whole different way. So, thatís gonna be fun! There might be some other shows I might be attending, donít want to say what yet!

Youíre someone whoís always had such a strong sense of individual style and never been afraid to express it, which is why youíre such a style icon for so many people! But who is your style icon?
Oh, thank you! I just love great fashion, I really appreciate iconic looks. My mom was in love with Diana Ross and coming up, I saw how much she inspired my mom and just thought she was such an amazing style icon and performer. But then I also saw how J.Lo dressed when she was just coming outóI look back at that Versace dress and still think itís so awesome. Thatís a real iconic look. There was an era when I just loved everything she was wearing. There are so many people Iíd love to give those props to!

i-Dís current issue is called the Boys and Girls Issue, so as a woman who is an icon of strength for so many people, what does girl power mean to you?
It means that you have a pussyójust joking just joking! No, seriously. I think women are beautiful creatures and we are powerful in our own ways. Weíre different from men, obviously. We have more of a way in the world to express ourselves. We can wear things that can make us look more sexy, we can express our opinion and still come up and hang out with the men. I just think that being a woman is so powerful in itself!

Whatís up next for you?
The rest of Fashion Week is going to be awesome and I have my new mixtape dropping on the 11th. But right now, weíre gonna go out and have some fucking fun!

Posted on 08 Sep 2014 by LilKimZone

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