Lil Kim to be on Faith Evans New Album

NBC News Interview with Faith Evans. Click Here to read the full interview.

You're releasing a new album, "The King & I," which is a duet album between you and Biggie. How did this idea originate?

I told Ms. Wallace (Bigge's mom) a long time ago, "One day, I'm going to do a record with me and Biggie." This was probably before Puff sold the masters. It was just a thought; I wasn't even thinking about executing it yet. I didn't know how well it was going to come together but man oh man, it's coming together very well. Listen, I wish I could bottle you up and put you in my pocket so you could hear this music; it sounds so good.

Is the creative process different than how you would normally piece together a solo album?

Yes, and it's amazing. There were two songs of his that I knew I wanted to touch. Those were "Ten Crack Commandments" and "Me & MY B****" for obvious reasons. The way that I took his vocals and arraigned myself around him…. There are various technical things in place to make it sound cohesive.

I originally didn't want a lot of features, but I have Snoop Dogg, Lil Kim, Jadakiss. Eminem might do a verse. They're all hot and they are on the right tracks. It doesn't have to receive a Grammy nomination or any awards, it doesn't even have to sell that much. People are going to be bumping this, I promise you.

I've never felt this way about any of my own albums and I know it's going to be bigger just because of what's it's about. But in today's climate that's not me measuring in sales. It just means that people will be knowing its coming. It's bringing his fans, my fans together and Snoop heard the album and he's been telling everybody about it.

And there is a label that's behind it as well. I've been independent for my last three albums. So I did this deal with a major label, who typically does catalog records. This means a whole machine is pushing it and they're very excited. To have a whole team of people behind it and the proper money behind it [which] makes a huge difference. I want people to listen and say, "She did that."

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Lil' Kim Cancels Essence Fest Performance

Lil’ Kim, who was scheduled to perform with Puff Daddy and The Family at this weekend’s Essence Festival in New Orleans, has dropped out due to “unfilled business obligations,” the rapper announced Friday.

In a statement, Lil’ Kim’s rep said, “It’s with much regret that we announce that multi-platinum selling recording artist, Lil’ Kim will not be performing with Puff Daddy and Her Family at this year’s Essence Music Festival due to unfilled business obligations. She’s saddened by this news but matters are not within her control. Lil’ Kim would like to thank Essence for the opportunity and her fans for their continued support of the Lil’ Kim brand and looks forward to being at next year’s Essence Music Festival in 2017.”

Lil Kim’ will still perform during the Bad Boy Reunion Tour running this summer. The statement concluded, “[Lil’ Kim] will continue to release more hot music so stay tuned as it’s Lil’ Kim Season.”

Puff Daddy and The Family are still set to perform on the mainstage Sunday at 11:15 p.m. The weekend-long festival will also feature appearances from Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, Tyra Banks, Misty Copeland, and many more. Head here for EW’s must-see acts, and check out the livestream of all the festivities here. (

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Kim and Desiigner

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VH1 Blog: "Kim took heat for the NOTORIOUS KIM; But It Blazed A Trail For Female Rappers To Come"

( Lil’ Kim Took Heat For The Notorious K.I.M., But It Blazed A Trail For Female Rappers To Come
She is an inspiration for many reasons, but her second album warrants more attention.

To be lauded as a legend is one thing, but what good are kudos if you can’t even drive freely down the road you paved? As much as we revere Lil’ Kim —and as much success as she’s enjoyed— those who came after her are the ones who truly benefited from the fruits of her labor. If you’re having doubts, just look at Nicki Minaj’s massive crossover appeal. But Lil’ Kim was also ahead of her time musically, and one album stands above all others.

When The Notorious K.I.M. was first released, there were certain songs that I loved. And I still love them, starting with “Suck My Dick,” which still feels like the perfect response to the street harassment many women contend with from idiotic men. There’s also the title track, which snatches Foxy Brown bald within the first minute. There are others, but many of the tracks were not that fierce – exactly why I didn’t completely get the album as a whole. It was not nearly as gritty as her debut, Hardcore, or her work with Junior M.A.F.I.A.

Such was Kim’s intent.

After the success of her first album, it was clear that Kim had a bigger budget to work with and a larger vision for herself. That resulted in bigger wigs, more expensive looking videos, and far more polish. The Notorious K.I.M. fell victim to several leaks –even more surprising given it was the very late 1990s– which resulted in the album’s release date being pushed back several times. This was partially to combat the bootlegged tracks that found their way to mixtapes, fan Web sites, and the radio— but also to deal with the mounting criticism over a more commercial sound.

In April 2000, Entertainment Weekly wrote about the delays facing The Notorious K.I.M. and quoted one “well-known hip-hop publicist” complaining about the dozen tracks that had already leaked, saying, “It’s very pop and doesn’t have a street edge. People are going to think, ‘Who are you trying to be, Lil’ Kim or Mandy Moore?”’ Now, name that female rapper who has had to deal with similar complains in this decade (*cough* Nicki *cough*). Then compare the success of her pop tracks with the pop offerings Kim dropped 15 years ago.

Some of these tracks – including her cover of Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls” with RuPaul – did not make the final cut. And part of Lil’ Kim’s additional recording did add more of a “street edge” to the final product. Still, Kim’s sophomore effort remained a glossier and far more commercial affair. Some of it was done quite cleverly, a la “How Many Licks” featuring Sisqó, which samples the theme from the TV series Knight Rider. Others, like the Pat Benatar-sampling “Don’t Mess With Me” and the album’s lead single, “No Matter What They Say,” were more overt.

None of these songs were huge successes on radio (though many look back on “How Many Licks” and its Neptunes-produced remix with great reverence), but they all fit quite nicely into where radio is now. A year after The Notorious K.I.M. was released, Lil’ Kim was included in the remake of the LaBelle classic “Lady Marmalade” alongside Christina Aguilera, Pink, and Mýa. That made Kim the first female rapper to yield a number one single on the Hot 100 – giving her album a nice lil’ bump in the process.

It also made it quite easy for other female rappers to follow her lead. Looking back, the heat Kim took for “going pop” made it far easier for Eve to record with Gwen Stefani, Nicki Minaj (whom I adore) to do poppier records and sing (despite our urging that she not). And let’s hope Iggy Azalea wrote Kim a thank you note.

The Notorious K.I.M. was not a full-fledged pop-rap affair in the wake of leaks and criticism, but it was certainly aiming to be broader in sound and appeal than Hardcore. I may prefer the latter album, but 15 years later I have a better appreciation for the former’s intentions. There’s a lot about Kim in 2015 that makes people wince. These reasons are understandable, but it should be noted that as influential as Kim has been throughout her pioneering career, she’s never gotten as many kudos as she deserved.

She is a trailblazer for numerous reasons, but what she did with her second album warrants more attention. The woman had phenomenal vision and we continue to see much of it through those who came long after her. They’re very welcome.

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Lil Kim's Shady Moments Compilation Video

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