Kim to be on the Breakfast Club on Monday

Kim will be on Power 105.1 FM's morning show "The Breakfast Club" on Monday (Sep 29).

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Hot Nigga Freestyle (In Studio Performance) on Shade45 with DJKaySlay

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Lil Kim Lists Her Favorite Rappers

[] Lil Kim’s dedication to Hip-Hop is apparent. Appearing on some of the most revered contributions to the genre, The Queen Bee, has shared bars with classic contemporaries. She’s invested over twenty years into the culture. A respected and provocative reign has solidified her relevancy.

Hard Core 2014 is the latest project. Chronicling a lifetime appreciation for Hip-Hop, Lil Kim, delivers her list of the greatest five(ish) greatest MCs.

The Notorious B.I.G.
“Of course, you know, Biggie. See, I would say Ready to Die, it’s a class. That’s hard [picking my favorite album], you know, when you say, Biggie, that’s like saying, Michael Jackson. You can’t pick one favorite album from Michael Jackson; you can’t pick one from, Biggie. I would say [that] because Life After Death had more songs on it you have to go with Life After Death. It has more songs on it. But as far as the classic album it would definitely be, Ready to Die. B.I.G. made two huge classics before he left this world. I think Life After Death is also a classic.”

“Eminem is one of my other favorite rappers. His first [commercial] album [The Marshall Mathers LP is my favorite].”

Jay Z
“He comes from the same world that I come from. We grew up in the same neighborhood. I knew him since—I actually knew Jay Z before I came into the industry. I’ve known Jay Z since I was 14 years old. So, a lot of things that he says are facts. That’s just pointblank, and it’s just like me, a lot of things that I say are facts. We know each other. You know, he’s just a hustler by heart. He’s a hustler I just had to say that.”

Rakim/KRS-One/Nas/Big Daddy Kane/ Queen Latifah
“I also put people like Rakim, KRS-One, Nas those are also my favorites. You know what I mean, Big Daddy Kane, was one of my favorites. I mean , I can name a lot. When I was a baby listening to Hip-Hop—man, I can go on and on. But I had to narrow it down; so, I gave you that. As far as the women, we have to give the women some thought. There’s Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Roxanne Shanté—everybody—I grew up on all the females that were in the game. So, shout out to all the females who emcee.”

“Now, I would say, Drake. I can’t even front. He definitely would probably never be a friend. I don’t really like him as a person. But, he’s definitely my favorite artist right now. Drake’s got it, point-blank, period. He has that all-around factor. He has everything. He’s the complete triple threat, if you ask me.”

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Lil’ Kim Talks Biggie Writing Her Rhymes & Says She Still Feels His Spirit In The Studio

[] Lil’ Kim’s debut disc “Hard Core” was more than just poster art for the walls of adoring men everywhere; the raunchy and rebellious album solidified Kim’s position in hip-hop as rap royalty. The ride-or-die Brooklyn native rose to fame after freestyling for the late great Notorious BIG–who took her under his wing and recruited her for his crew Junior Mafia. Kim, standing a mere 4’11” outshined the boys even on a bad day. She and BIG formed a relationship that would be cut short by his untimely passing. Still, Kim can be heard repping Biggie (and Brooklyn) at every performance, even to this day.

The Queen Bee recently released a mixtape, “Hard Core 2014,” to an anxious fan base who have been patiently waiting for her to reclaim her throne as rap queen. Fans and critics alike longed to hear Kim’s signature “Unh” and gritty lyrics that made her the icon she is today. The mixtape received mixed reviews, but one things for certain–it is her best musical effort since her 2005 album “The Naked Truth.”

Perhaps it was BIG’s spirit radiating through the studio where she recorded the collection of songs that gave the modern project that 1995 feel, which is when Junior M.A.F.I.A. released “Conspiracy.” Kim, who recently gave birth to a baby girl she named Royal Reign, chatted with HelloBeautiful about her “Hard Core 2014″ project, writing her own rhymes and feeling BIG’s presence as she recorded her latest 12-track ode.

HelloBeautiful: Were you at all nervous to release “Hard Core” as a mixtape because of the expectations it carried?

Lil’ Kim: Classics cannot be duplicated and I wouldn’t even try to duplicate “Hard Core.” The only thing I wanted to do with “Hard Core 2014″ was give them a taste of a replica of “Hard Core.” I really wasn’t trying to make the exact same “Hard Core.” I just wanted to give my fans that same feeling. The fans loved it, they ate it up.

HB: Tell us about your fan base today, nearly two decades after your debut album was released.

Lil’ Kim: My fans are the absolute best, they’re phenomenal. Don’t get me wrong, they’re like your sister, your mom, your brother, your cousin–we can annoy each other. My fans, cuss me out of love. And, it’s like, I love them unconditionally because they love me unconditionally. I have a testimony when it comes to my life and my life hasn’t been all peaches and cream and I don’t think anybody’s has. Everyone knows my trials and tribulations publicly. But, my fans still be there after all that is just as blessing. Just a blessing.

HB: We noticed on “Hardcore 2014,” that you dropped a line about Biggie’s grave. How often do you think about him?

Lil’ Kim: I visit his spirit everyday and this week is the 20th anniversary of Ready To Die, so yeah, it’s a pretty amazing thing. You know the crazy thing is when I was recording this “Hard Core” mixtape? I felt BIG’s spirit in a lot of the songs I was doing. The “Gotti” record, I felt his spirit a little. Even when I was doing “Whenever You See Me,” “Trendsetter,” when I was recording those songs, I felt his spirit and I definitely feel like he was with me with this project.

HB: I know there was a lot of controversy around claims that Biggie wrote your rhymes, what do you have to say about that?

Lil’ Kim: Well, I look at it like this, after Biggie died, I had hit after hit after hit. So, I guess that answers the question. Anybody who has written with me in the studio knows I get busy. I wrote a whole song with Swizz Beatz, I wrote a whole song in front of B.Hot. I write in front of people, so that’s a joke to me. It makes me laugh. I love writing with people. That’s something we’ve always done in ciphers. We rapped with each other and that was something that was always fun. I’ve also written for P.Diddy. if you look on the “No Way Out” album, I have credit on a song that I’m not even on. So, let’s just be real.

HB: You were definitely bodying the boys on tracks like “Quiet Storm…”

Lil Kim: Thank you and then mind you, BIG wasn’t even alive for that. I was in the studio with my security and my guys to hang out and they weren’t rappers. Havoc was there. Those were good times in the studio. I was asked to be on that record. They released the original and I think I was the first to start the movement of jumping on people’s records. When I heard “Quiet Storm,” honestly, I probably would’ve jumped on that record for free. Because that’s how much I was in love with it before I even got on it. I think it was Chris Lighty who actually made that happen for me to come in. It was really good times.

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Lil Kim and Trina Are Working on a Collabo

A fan asked Trina on Twitter if she'd do a collab with Lil' Kim, to which she replied "Yes we're working on it now!".

Also, Kim is apparently shooting a music video for Migo.

Posted on 23 Sep 2014 by LilKimZone

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