Derek Hough Myspace Blogs About Working With Kim
"Hello everyone... I havnt been on here for a while so I thought I would write a little something to let you know whats been going on....
Im in New York City at the moment training up my new partner for this season of DWTS, none other than the wonderful LIL KIM... Im happy to say that she has surpassed my expectations so far and think she will surprise a lot of people.
I have been a tourist in the city while I have been here, taking pictures and seeing all the wonderful shows. But I am ready to go back to LA.
I love working with LIL KIM she is so unbelievably nice and intuitive, she has been a great student.
I miss playing with the band and cant wait to play every week at the Grove next to CBS studios in LA, so wee can keep up our chops during DWTS and meet everyone who comes....
Im not very good at this bloggong thing, but hope you enjoyed a quick personal update.
Have a wonderful day or night .
Posted on 28 Feb 2009 by admin

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