Kim On EXTRA & PopEater Interview
Kim and her dancing partner Derek chatted with Mario Lopez on Extra TV yesterday. Click Here watch the interview on youtube. Click Here to watch footage of Kim & Derek practicing the Cha Cha.

Lil' Kim 'Officially Retiring the Pasties' PopEater Interview
As she prepares for her 'Dancing With the Stars' debut, rapper Lil' Kim wants to make one thing clear: No matter how revealing her costumes may be, there will not be any pasties a la the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, she tells PopEater.

In her chat with PopEater, Lil' Kim was declarative when she declared her war on the nipple-covering accessory. "I'm going to say this one time: I have officially retired the pasties ... until they come back around again. But if they come back around when I'm 90, I don't think you guys want to see that," she said jokingly.

Kim, who's set to make her 'Dancing' debut on March 9, also says that sadly, she won't be doing any routines to Notorious B.I.G.'s music. Of her former boyfriend and confidant, Kim says "unfortunately, I don't get to pick the songs ... but that would be so cute, because it's March 9 which is the anniversary of the day he passed."

Having recently been released after serving a 12-month sentence in jail on federal perjury charges, Kim is using 'Dancing' as a way to show the world that she's a good person and has turned her life around.
"I am so happy to be doing 'Dancing With the Stars' for the reason of people misconstruing who Lil' Kim really is. Everyone in the world is not perfect and makes wrong decisions," Kim told PopEater.

"I remember being in court. We all kind of knew I was going to jail. I knew from the first day I went to court. I was pushing for the six months, and when the judge gave me 12 months, I was so angry inside. And to this day, I kind of thank the judge because he made me into such a woman. It made me sharper. People are starting to see Kim is really a good person," she said.

Having a background in performance and dancing thanks to her music career, Kim isn't feeling overconfident of her 'DWTS' chances. She's even taking 'Jackass' star Steve-O seriously. "I've watched 'Dancing With the Stars' and I know how the show goes and to me, I think Steve-O is going to surprise everybody. I think he's going to do really good. He's somebody everybody needs to keep their eye on," Kim declares.
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