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Kim attended the taping of America's Next Dance Crew the other day. Head over to to view pictures. Interview With Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson Since everyone thinks you're the one to beat, who do you think you need to watch out for?
Johnson: I haven't been able to see anyone dance yet, so I don't know if I can pick one. ... Steve-O, he's got a big following. Lil Kim she's a sweetheart! She calls us sisters now. She's like, "Let's go for a walk." I'm like, "OK!" [Laughs] Who's taller you or her?
Johnson: Lil Kim, by, like, two inches.

AOL 6 Questions With: Lil' Kim

Winning Grammys, acting on TV and in movies, going to prison, being felt up by Diana Ross on national television -- none of this has prepared petite rapper Lil' Kim for her latest gig.

Joining season 8 of 'Dancing With the Stars' (2-hour premiere Monday, March 9, 8PM EST on ABC), Lil' Kim is being called the one to beat, but will all her time watching the show from a women's detention center help her on the dance floor?

AOL TV got the exclusive scoop, straight from the lovely -- yes, lovely -- Queen Bee herself, including why doing time got her hooked on the show, how her dance outfits will compare to her scantily clad wig-and-pasty past and her advice for fellow musicians in the news, Rihanna and Chris Brown. -- By Maggie Furlong

1. People keep saying you're the one to beat ... what do you have to say to that?
That is such a blessing, and I'm so happy that everybody's talking like that about me ... I just thank everybody. But on the other hand, it's also a lot of pressure, you know what I mean? That's a lot of responsibility! It's very good, but it's almost like I kind of wish they didn't think I was, so I could just surprise everybody. [Laughs] But it's an honor, and I can't believe the overwhelming amount of support that I'm getting. I didn't think people were going to be rooting for Team Kim.

2. Were you a fan of the show before you joined the cast?
Huge fan -- I've always watched the show. The first time I ever saw the show was in prison. Some of my girlfriends, like a year and a half ago, were like, "Kim, you have got to be on that show." [ABC] called me, actually, around that time, but I was just coming home [from prison], and I was getting myself together, and it was just the wrong time. But I was praying that the opportunity came back around, and it did.

3. So 'DWTS' is big in prison?
Yeah! Very big. In prison, you all have to agree on the show that you watch, because we only get to watch about 10 channels. If we all can't agree on the show, then it doesn't go onto the list. 'Dancing With the Stars' is the no. 1 show. That means that it had to be over 800 girls in the prison that wanted to watch it. Everybody wanted to watch it!

4. Who were you most excited to meet?
Well, to be honest, I really was excited to meet Derek, who's my partner. I know he's not a contestant, but I was hoping and praying that I'd get Derek as my partner, and God blessed me with Derek. I kind of knew everybody [else]. I did a series with David Alan Grier years ago -- I played his secretary. And Jewel and I were on the same record label years ago. I was kind of excited to meet Denise [Richards] and Shawn [Johnson] -- Shawn is the only female that I'm proud to be taller than. She's so tiny! But she has a great personality. I love her -- she's like my little sister. She was like, "OK now, us littles gotta stick together!" [Laughs] And I think Steve-O is going to surprise everybody. He's really different. You know, he's always so silly, silly, silly ... he's not really that silly, silly, silly on the show. He's trying to take it really serious, and I'm happy about that.

5. Which shows more skin: your own outfits, or your 'DWTS' costumes?
I don't know -- I think they're in the same realm. It's so weird ... that was like years ago when I first came out that I used to wear those type of clothes to my shows and stuff like that. I'm not saying that I wouldn't do that now, but every few seasons the style changes. Some magazines will pull pictures from like seven years ago, and I'm like, "OK, when that came out, I was way younger." It's like the punk rock thing. I'm like 17! [Laughs] I had a pasty, I had on a wig and all that -- it was cute. That was the era, and it worked for then and people loved it. But it's so weird -- people talk about that like they're gonna see me in a pasty tomorrow. I'm like, OK ... I'm a fashionista!

6. Since you've been in the spotlight for legal trouble before, do you have any advice for Chris Brown and Rihanna on how to deal with their situation?
I mean, I just think that the only thing that can really get them through this is prayer. I really just keep praying and hoping that they'll get through this, and that they'll both come through on top. And I'm saying both of them, because nobody in this world is perfect. That's all I have to say: Everybody makes mistakes. And I also know that love is a very dangerous thing. In their situation, I know both of them and they're both my friends -- I really feel that they're both gonna have great support systems behind them, and they have to just keep looking up to the sky. They can't really let it get to them that much ... things like this happen, you've just gotta stay strong. I really want to say to my girl RiRi -- I call her my sister, she's like one of my sisters in the game -- she's such a beautiful person, and whatever she decides in her heart, she's just gotta do everything for the better of herself. Even with Chris -- he's a friend of mine too -- I just want him to grow into a nice man, because he's really a nice person. You know, no man should do that to a woman, but he's young, and I really don't feel like he's a bad person. If this doesn't make him into a man, then I don't know if anything will!
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