In Response to Skin Bleaching Rumors: a MUST read article written by Eddie
Many people have been speculating about what kind of cosmetic enhancement surgery Lil’ Kim has or hasn’t had done; the rumors have reached mythical proportions with everyone contributing their two cents into one big worthless piggy bank of mindless gobbledygook. These very same people have even gone so far as accusing Kim of bleaching her skin and claim that she is ashamed of being Black. Self enhancement whether it be subtle (“volumizing” lipstick) or more extreme (lip injections) is all fundamentally the same and most people in modern day society are guilty of some form of vanity; to crucify Kim is not only unfair it is hypocritical.

To set the record straight
(Pictures from 1995-1997)

needless to say the pictures speak from themselves if anything she is darker today than she was before; proving that Kim’s skin color like any other human being can appear lighter or darker due to many different factors, of which include but are not limited to; camera exposure, lighting, make up, etc.

The bottomline is Kim does not bleach her skin, but even if she did; so? And? If changing your skin color means you are ashamed of your race then that would mean we have a whole lot of ashamed White people running around in this country who obsessively and at times desperately use every means possible to change their own skin color; even risking their own health in the process. What is the difference between a Black person wanting to appear light skinned and a White person wanting to appear dark skinned? Forget about the social implications, the brown paper bag tests and whatever racial context/history that you might want to throw out there. The fact of the matter is we live in a Eurocentric society which gives the majority and ruling class a “pass” to move about freely without having their every move being labeled, scrutinized and dissected from a racial standpoint. A White person can wish and dream of having dark brown skin, full pouty lips, an ass the size of Texas, and various other “ethnic” features all day long and nobody would ever accuse them of being “ashamed” of their race and yet as soon as someone from a minority group might even utter out half a thought of maybe perhaps making a slight alteration they are automatically labeled as insecure and are accused of hating themselves along with accusations of despising their own race.

So Kim decided to change her nose big deal, is Ashlee Simpson ashamed of being White because she chopped her “characteristically European” long and overprojected nose in half? Is Megan Fox abandoning her White culture because she decided to pump her thin lips to more than double their original size?...but yet for some reason Lil’ Kim is accused of everything from A-Z because of her cosmetic enhancements?

Essentially the message given to minorities by the majority and the ruling class is that “you are not allowed to do anything with yourself just sit there and be natural, meanwhile us White folks will be allowed to do anything and everything we want to ourselves; we will get our nose jobs, our eye jobs our lip jobs we will have ourselves done over from head to toe, but you? (be it Black, Asian, Latino) Just sit there and be complacent you aren’t allowed to do what we do, oh and if you dare try it; just watch how quickly we will shoot you down, categorize you, label you, judge you and just when you thought you had a sense of community we will have indoctrinated and manipulated members of your own group to carry out this same message for us if we aren’t there to do it ourselves”. If Kim’s critics and naysayers spent even half the amount of time deconstructing the societal double standards that are imposed on people like Kim as they do trying to deconstruct her; the world would be a better place.

Whether Kim chooses to be purple today or green tomorrow is her prerogative, what’s most important is that as long as we are not hurting anybody else we as people should do whatever it is that makes us happy and if you are sitting there dissecting her life with such displeasure and agony, odds are she is happier than you. The next time you try and judge her think about that and let it simmer.

Lastly, people spend their whole lives and all of their resources refining, tweaking, enhancing and taking care of everything from their cars, their homes, down to the patchwork on their jeans, things which will come and go and yet many of them forget to spend time investing and taking care of the one thing that they will actually own for the rest of their lives-themselves. Lil’ Kim has taken the time to invest in herself to make herself the best that she can be- there is no crime in that. So the next time you decide to blow cash trying to enhance some material possession, which you will likely not even have 10 years from now, consider investing some of that money on yourself-it is the smarter investment; it’ll last longer.
Posted on 12 Mar 2009 by admin

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