Although she admits "dropping the ball" with her rumba, Lil' Kim tells she and partner Derek Hough will be back on their game for the paso doble on Dancing with the Stars. "Derek and I are so focused this week to get that No. 1 spot, get that 30," she says. In addition to the paso, Kim & Co. will also duke it out in the team dances. See what the rapper who spent a year in prison after being convicted of perjury has to say about the groups, her near-wardrobe malfunction and how her former cellblock mates are showing her support. You said you're going to be yourself again after toning it down last week with the rumba.
Lil' Kim: I don't think it was about not being myself because I was still myself, but I didn't put that Lil' Kim touch on it that everybody loves, which is moving my hips and being very sexy. I think Derek and I got confused. We were trying to find a happy medium and I think that was probably miscommunicated. In between that, we both just dropped the ball a little. To be honest with you, I feel the same way the judges feel when I watch it back. I wish we had just let loose and just let it go with the hips. If we were deducted on something else, that would've been better than being deducted on the thing that they love so much. But we still got great scores! Were you too focused on pleasing Len?
Lil' Kim: No, and I think that was miscommunicated too. We wanted to be Len-friendly, but we wanted to try to beat everybody and we lost the main thing I'm really good at. We definitely wanted to please Len, but it wasn't like we weren't trying to please Carrie Ann and Bruno because at the end of the day, we need all three scores. You also have the team dance this week. You're on Team Tango?
Lil' Kim: Yeah, I think it's fun. It's a cool idea to see how everyone works together toward the finals. Gilles is the team captain and Ty is also on it. Let's talk about your near-wardrobe malfunction two weeks ago. Did you know your top was falling off?
Lil' Kim: I didn't know it was falling off! [Laughs] It was moving to the side and it wasn't a huge wardrobe malfunction. I don't know how it happened! The wardrobe department is always saying I'm losing weight and my clothes they measure it by the last outfit and every outfit gets smaller. ... Now we've got all the double-stick tape. You dedicated your first dance to your friends at the Federal Detention Center. Have you talked to or heard from any of them?
Lil' Kim: Yeah, some of them write me, some of them call. A lot of them, I don't get a chance to see or hear from because they either move onto another prison or they're going home or something. But recently, one of the girls I was in there with gave me a shout-out in the Daily News and I thought that was so sweet! Can they vote for you?
Lil' Kim: They can. I think in some prisons you can and some you can't. In Danbury, they have computers and you can e-mail and all that good stuff. Danbury is like a camp they have a computer room, gym, swimming. The one I came from in Philadelphia, I'm pretty sure they're not able to vote, but they tell their friends and families at home to vote. There are some who don't think you should be on the show because you were in prison. What do you think about that?
Lil' Kim: That's so funny because this is the first time I've heard about it. If there is criticism, it's so small compared to all the love and the positive energy that's coming through. I pay no mind. I just soak in all the positivity because everywhere I go, there's 100 percent more positivity than negativity. Shawn has said you guys are like sisters.
Lil' Kim: Oh, she's so cute! She's sweet. How can you not love her? We haven't been able to hang out completely, but we go to The Grove [where Derek and Mark's band play every Tuesday] I support Derek and his band completely. We run into each other at dinner and stuff like that too.
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