Carrie-Ann (DWTS Judge) and Diddy Comments + Prank Call
Diddy twittered: "Lil' Kim got robbed yesterday on Dancing With the Stars! I can't believe it... Lil' Kim u are the champion in my eyes! U did a great job!"

Carrie-Ann blogged: "WHAT A SHOCKER! Lil’Kim went home. The whole room collectively dropped their jaw when Tom Bergeron made the announcement. I am shocked by the outcome of the audience’s vote. However, I think we may be in for some surprises from here on out. Since we have such great competitors left in the game, and they are all sitting quite close to each other on the leader board, the audience vote is really going to come into play. We never know how the audience votes on our show and that keeps it interesting and never allows anyone to have a clear idea of how anyone is doing. I thought Lil' Kim would be one of the last performers standing. I don’t think I was alone in that thought. But the show must go on. Awww…..but I’m still bummed she went home. In all honesty, I will be bummed every week from here on out. But no one would have predicted he would last longer than Lil' Kim. But -- for those Lil' Kim fans, she did a great job and really raised her public profile. This show gives celebrities a second shot at fame, it gives them a wonderful new start or a kick start at least to go in new directions with their careers. Lil' Kim came across so lovely on our show. I certainly felt that I got to see a whole different side of Lil' Kim while she was on our show. I hope she gets many opportunities from this show. I know she will."

Kim got pranked called by vladtv. It's not very good, though.
Posted on 08 May 2009 by admin

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