The Fans on LilKimZone Have Had Enough

This message is not going to be easy for us, but it's the end of the road.

It wasn't until last night that we saw what we were all really dealing with. After all these years of hoping & praying, last night was such an eye opener. True colors were revealed & lets just say that a lot of answers have been provided as to why things are the way they are.

If you are interested in what happened read the full account here: Kim's Fans on LilKimZone VS her "New Team"

It was basically Kim's fans of 15+ years
(and a bunch of other ppl add urself to the list if i left u out)


"her new team"

If any of u want to form an opinion about the events that have transpired tonight u need to

1.) ASK the fans who were actually involved and saw it happening from the very first conversation
2.) read for yourself from the very beginning tweets to the very end (unless tweets have been deleted, it should be crystal clear what is going on)

Basically last night Lil Kim's core fans got into a heated discussion on Twitter with Lil' Kim's "new team" regarding the depressing state of Lil' Kim's career. When the topic of Kim's pics were brought up & why she actively gives fuel for all the blogs to talk badly about her, all hell broke loose.

These "photos" (and u all know which 1's im talking about, new 1s come out every week) practically beg for negative press & attention. It's something that could be SO EASILY FIXED, yet they want to act like its not a problem.

All the blogs & all the sites get their photos from either gettyimages or wireimage (or one of the many other photo agencies) we all get the pics from the same place. Sometimes the "clubbing" pics are directly from or, etc To people who accuse LilKimZone for being the "source of all the bad photos" have NO IDEA what they are talking about. Go search "lil kim" on google and see what pops up. NONE OF THOSE PICS ARE FROM LILKIMZONE. Popular blogs do not scour fan sites for photos, they get their own photos through registered photo accounts; so to the people who dont even know how the system works STFU.

Anyway here's how it went down:

Part 1:

Kim's new assistant @loochgwinin reply to that was basically saying that "Kim is good" and that the fans need to fall the fuck back becasue she "looks good in person".

Which is fine and I can respect that, but Kim is a public figure with a public brand to maintain. Not only that, Kim is not some obscure neo soul mother earth type singer, she is Lil' Kim; the icon. Her image is a very big factor in her appeal. Her public image & her public brand is one of the biggest components in how she is marketed. Looking "good in person" is irrelevant especially in this day & age.

Most of her fans, most of the consumers, most of the public period are not going to "see her in person"...maybe a 100 people will see Kim in person at any given event, but one bad photo from an event can be seen by MILLIONS of people all over the world.

Why doesn't anybody on Kim's team realize that??? It's not like Kim hasn't looked absolutely flawless & amazing at an event before so we KNOW it is possible. A celebrity's public brand & image is everything. When it comes time to sell an album or make product endorsements all of that is based on your public brand. If you do not have a strong hold on your brand then you won't have a strong hold on your consumers wallets when it comes time for them to spend $$$ to make YOUR pocket's fatter! That's business 101! COMMON SENSE!

How hard is it to make sure that your make up looks "normal" and "camera ready" ? I guess pretty hard when you've got all these people around you telling you that everything "is good" when it really isn't.

^KIM LOOKS BEAUTIFUL IN THE PIC ON THE LEFT!!, but the picture on the right who is that????? that is NOT OUR Lil' Kim. That is someone with a serious make up "situation". Is pointing that out "hate" or are we just being real??? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

It would not be so serious if Kim's make up is usually like the pic on the left, but what makes it serious is that 9 times out of 10 her make up is like the pic on the right and thats EXACTLY why the bad pics get publicized on all the blogs more than the good pics, IS THIS NOT A PROBLEM THAT WOULD BE SO EASILY FIXED? HIRE A MAKE UP ARTIST! HECK THE FANS ON LILKIMZONE EVEN OFFERED TO *PAY* FOR A PERMANENT MAKE UP ARTIST. WE JUST WANT TO SEE KIM @ HER BEST! HOW THE HELL IS THAT "HATE"? BEING A HATER IS STOPPING SOMEONE FROM BEING THE BEST THEY CAN BE. WE ARE TRYING TO HELP KIM BE THE BEST SHE CAN BE- WE ARE SCREAMING OUT FOR HELP OUT OF LOVE!

The only reason why we as fans are even concerned about how Kim is perceived by the public is because she is/was our QUEEN, the public views her as a joke and it really hurts us to see her like that. We have no motivation, no personal interest no monetary $$$ interest in wanting to see Kim do well. We want to see her do well because we are her fans; our intentions are PURE.

Meanwhile....what motivations do these other people have for their actions? Is there personal gain? is there monetary interest? That is something you all must consider.

For those of you in Kim's inner circle right now who want to keep playing the denial game, all of you need to understand that there is nothing her fans on LilKimZone want more than for Kim to be RESPECTED & LOVED by the public. Can you guys say the same? Do you guys care whether her next album will hit #1? Do you guys care whether she will be able to endorse multi million dollar companies and be on every magazine cover like she did during the Notorious Kim Era? If you cared you would be listening to us and taking our cries for help as a sign of LOVE not a sign of HATE!

Do you know why there is so much negativity out there about Kim? from all the rumors to the senseless bashing from various blogs. It didn't just appear out of nowhere. For every cause there is a reason. and NONE of you seem to understand that.

Her brand/image is currently being thrown to the wolves because she has absolutely no presence on the internet or anywhere else for that matter. A brand is not self governing it needs to be tended to and cared for in order for it to flourish and be the best it can be. When left uncared for alot of crazy things can happen, which is exactly what is going on now. Does anyone n her new team realize that? Or is identifying the truth something that is thrown aside as "hate" ????

Her once great brand has been reduced to a joke. She is supposed to a QUEEN, RESPECTED & LOVED by the public .....but because her brand has been so poorly handled and because people in her camp choose to shut out everyone unless they are kissing ass, alot of people don't see "Lil Kim the Queen" let's take a look at what they do see:

(please read the comments under this video for an unbiased perspective on how the public views Lil' Kim)

Is this what you fake SHORT TERM ass kissing fans & all the yes men around Kim want her to be known for???? Are those videos being made for no reason? We care about Kim too much to just let her go down like this. To be made out to be some kind of joke. I'm sorry that her REAL fans on LilKimZone are the only ones who care about what her once great brand has become.

I can already predict that there will be a few simple minded people wondering "well if you are Kim's real fan why are you posting these videos? " That's what a real fan would do! A real fan would bring attention to the problems at hand because ignoring them and pretending they dont exist is NEVER going to fix the problem Why sweep everything under the rug and pretend its all good when it really isn't???? Isn't that something a yes man would do? What is our goal and motive here? Are we trying to bring Kim down or are we trying to fix out the kinks and make her be the best she can be? OBVIOUSLY THE LATTER!

Part 2:

As if the above were not enough, @LoochGwinin doesn't believe the bad pictures of Kim out there on the internet are actually real. She made the ridiculous claim that her fans on LilKimZone are responsible for altering/messing/tampering with Kim's photos to make them look worse than they actually are. THIS IS 200% FALSE!!!! Why is she blaming *US* for how Kim's make up looks in photos??? Is that not insane???????

This was so upsetting to myself, the fans & ESPECIALLY to Marcus who is the owner of this website, here is a direct quote from him regarding this matter:

""Looch" claimed that is altering her pics to make her look worse. This is an utter lie. We have never airbrushed her pictures to make her look bad. In fact, when she looks bad we try and pick out the best pictures. Instead of spreading lies on the internet and offending a site that has supported Lil' Kim for years, this woman should do her job and assist Kim to look her best at events."

Yes it's much easier to blame the fans & other sites for why those photos look the way they do (u know the ones that have been coming out week after week, the ones that are all over google, the ones that all the blogs from perezhilton to concreteloop get STRAIGHT from the photo agencies) all those photos are basically the fans fault. How about looking at the source instead???? Nobody is altering Kim's photos!

Even after i told her that it isn't true she STILL went on and on about how we are altering and fucking with Kim's photos to make her look bad. what the f*ck? That's how Kim looks in pictures! The pics are STRAIGHT from *OTHER* reputable photo agencies like,, nobody is "tampering" with Kim's photos. These are all PROFESSIONAL photo agencies who hire PROFESSIONAL photographers- the photos are untouched.

[click to enlarge image]

^ NOBODY is editing her photos! ALL THE PHOTOS are DIRECTLY from the photo agency.

The fact that you can go on those photo agencies, the fact that you can go to any blog on the internet, the fact that if you GOOGLE "Lil' Kim" and all the same types of pictures pop up proves that its not US who is doing anything to Kim's photos. I think anyone who is rational would all agree that such a ridiculous accusation is not only absolutely delusional, but extremely unprofessional as well.

To add further insult to injury, @loochgwinin then commented that all the photos on that shitty ass "fanclub" blog don't look as bad as the ones on LilKimZone .


Yeah they don't look like the ones on LilKimZone, because that "fanclub" blog is AIRBRUSHING all of Kim's photos (which they steal from LilKimZone btw) to make them look better than they actually are. We've been around for 10+ years providing all the newest & most up to date content, all the people who post on the LKZ forums are dedicated long standing fans. That "fanclub" blog that has been around for no more than a couple months bootlegging Kim's music posting downloadable tracks for FREE (which they removed after i pointed out b/c they didn't want to get caught), reposting one OLD ass picture after the next (which they all stole from LilKimZone) .I guess kissing ass and being a yes man gets you brownie points within Kim's camp. Sorry that all her real fans on LKZ are just too f*ckin real for those frauds.

You can only pull the wools over people's eyes for so long, eventually Kim will see the truth and by that time it will be too late.

Rachel, a fan of Kim's for 15 years from the forums sums it up perfectly

[click to enlarge]


Joe, a fan of Kim's from the very beginning and who along wih his friend "Flyz" created the FIRST ever Lil' Kim fan website in France had this to say:

Regarding that last point Joe from France made, it's true.

Kim has shows & concert dates which MOST of the fans never know about until its too late. We find out either the day of or like 10 days after till it actually happens. Why? because there is NEVER any official press release or even a place for us to go to "check" for official Lil' Kim tour dates. It's like we have to scavenge & dig over at google news to get updates of any kind, we end up having to tweet to random people who run an event of whether she will show up or not. Half the time she doesn't even show up. Which may not even be her fault because sometimes club promoters will falsely advertise her name, which is unfortunate but it happens! But u know what would be an easy fix for that? By listing official tour dates on SOME kind of website! Then there would be no confusion! Is that so much to ask for? Fans who want to support Kim don't even have the chance to because we never even find out about it!

This isn't some new artist who has been out for 3 months "working out the kinks" in her career. This is an artist who has been in the business for over 15 years and the fans don't even have a place to go for official tour dates? and yes I know that Kim is "working on fixing alot of things" right now, but honestly people who have been fan's of Kim's from The Conspiracy to Hardcore to Notorious K.I.M. to La Bella Mafia to The Naked Truth know that the whole "we're working on it" thing is one big broken record. Nothing ever gets worked on.

Several fans brought this issue to @loochgwinin 's attention during a Ustream chat and this is how the conversation basically went:

the fans: "where can we go to see Kim's tour dates? how can we support her if we don't even know where/how?"

@loochgwinin: "yes..yes you can its on her website"

the fans: "what is her website??? she doesnt have one"

@loochgwinin:"yes she does! you google lil kim"....then like 15 minutes later after asking someone she blurted out "its"

the fans: *shocked into silence*

First of all "" doesnt even SHOW UP when you type in "Lil Kim"!

[click to enlarge image]

^ You know what website DOES show up? LILKIMZONE.NET!!! why? because we've been here supporting her for over TEN YEARS!

Second of all, has not been updated since MAY of last year and it never had any tour dates! Please go and check for yourself to see what kind of content is on that website. The last entry was on some easter colored pastel sneakers. Yeah. Ok.

Obviously @loochgwinin didn't even know that this was even an issue, and thats fine I'm sure she went into this job not knowing the problems that were there beforehand, so we aren't expecting her to know everything but why lie to the fans??????? Why not just admit that this IS a problem just like the make up IS a problem just like all the other things are problems. Why deny everything and make the fans look like we are just finding things to "hate" on? WE AREN'T HATING ON ANYTHING/ANYBODY WE JUST WANT KIM TO GET HER CAREER BACK ON TRACK!

One has to ask Kim, why do your fans know more details & intricacies about your career than people who directly work for you? They may know you more on a personal level, but as far as certain other things, shouldn't you be listening to your fans instead of brushing everything off as "hate" ? How is it "hate" that we want to know how to support you during your concert dates? How is it "hate" for wanting official updates and being left in the dark?

Everything the fans say (UNLESS IT IS ASS KISSING) is completely ignored. Constructive criticism with the best intentions= hate? What kind of logic & approach is that?

Part 3:

Back to the Twitter sh*t.

Next Kim's friend @bigmacvikings co-signed @loochgwinin and said that we are all just "hating" on Kim & trying to "go in" on Kim (since when is being concerned w/ Kim & wishing & hoping that her star is shining the biggest/brightest & that she is at her 100% full potential "going in" on her???) ,

Then he got his two "girlfriends" @skraw_Berry & @queen_shine to send hate messages to all the fans telling us that "Kim got money she dont need yall haters" & "she didnt ask yall for the fanbase, yall just happen to buy her music"

This really just proves everything. This is the type of people Kim wants to associate herself, with that is fine with me. WE ARE DONE. I even got confirmation from people who were formerly close w/ Kim that she feels like all the "good people are against her". It's really a sad situation.

We share the same sentiments as all the rest of her REAL fans

We feel the same way as all of you; this is a fucking joke. We've been supporting her for over 15 years & now we've been reduced to nothing, insulted, spit on, laughed at. This is how you treat your fans? People who want to see you do well?

We are so disappointed, sad and most of all disgusted with how all of this has been handled.

Its definitely time for us to move on. We have supported kim through thick & thin for over 15 years. We've never wanted to gain anything from her.

We have no monetary $$$ interest, no personal interest, no personal gain from any of this. Our only interest was to see Kim @ her best. So many fans have worked hard for this site, I personally have worked my ass off.

Lil' Kim's *REAL* fans know what the mission of is & what this site w/ a Ten Year History stood for.

What we are going through now, is VERY similar to something that happened between Britney Spears' #1 fansite The owner Jordan got into it with Britney's team and he accused them of being her enablers. Specifically, he got into it with Daddy Spears & Daddy Spears basically told him to f*ck off and threatened to shut the site down.

This is what happens when u have fans who actually care about the artist fighting w/ a bunch of opportunists.

One has to ask what is the REAL motive from keeping Kim away from the internet?
Whose interest does that really serve?

Two of Kim's biggest fans Oli & Kurt (both from LilKimZone forums) theorize that:

[click to enlarge]

and i agree! Why keep Kim from the internet? U guys claim its to "keep the negativity from her" but is it really to keep the negativity from her or is it to keep her from discovering the truth ???? Just so you know, someone who wants to see you do well is NOT a hater, a hater is someone who wants to KEEP YOU FROM BEING YOUR BEST. THAT'S A REAL HATER! and there are PLENTY of people around Kim right now who are keeping her from being her best. Her fan's intentions are pure & we only want to see her at her best even if it means giving CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Sorry if its "too real" for your taste. Ass kissing & being a yes man is only beneficial to those who want to use her and enable her. Ask Britney Spears. she has tons of users & enablers around her & look what happened.

Here is a quote from another fan "Kanibal" from the LKZ message boards who has supported Kim since the very beginning of her career. He too is very upset about this whole ordeal

[click to enlarge]

^ We share your feelings Kanibal...all of Kim's real fans share the same collective feelings. It's more than a simple coincidence that you have people who have been riding for Kim since the very beginning of her career on one side and "Everyone else" (more like 3 or 4 other people) on the other. It's clear what side LilKimZone stands on. We have been with her since the beginning of her career.

Other longtime fans of Kim write:

[click to enlarge image]

As you can see, this whole iincident has left a very BAD taste in our mouths. We have supported Kim through EVERYTHING, we have defended her online/offline, some of us have even gotten into fights over her, we've promoted all of her projects from here to the end of the earth and in return this is the thanks we get? We get grouped as a "bunch of haters" ??!?!!? HATERS ARE THE PEOPLE WHO TRY TO KEEP YOU FROM BEING THE BEST YOU CAN BE. ASS KISSING & BEING A YES MAN IS NOT LOVE!!!

Lil' Kim needs to know that her fans have NO WANTS and NO MOTIVES other than seeing her BE HER BEST and yet we all have just been given the biggest slap in the face by those who are in her "new circle".

Well we have had enough.

Thank u to all the loyal supporters who have visited the site for over 10 years. Just in this year alone we've already had over 2 MILLION page views in just 3 months, our history & our standing as the #1 Lil' Kim fansite on the internet is unparalleled. How dare they treat the fans on her biggest website like this for wanting the BEST for Kim.

Its JUST like what Kim's cousin said:

^ !!!! Speak on it!! Realness!! I just love how all the real TRUE long time fans of Kimberly are now being painted as a bunch of evil haters while the ass kissers & yes men are portrayed as the "good" people. It's so damn disgusting.

The real fans feel the same way as Kim's cousin. All we can do is pray, we still wish the best for Kim, but after supporting her for so long & being treated like this enough is enough and its time to move on.

Thank u to all of the fans on the forums & all the supporters of this website from over the years we have all been through alot.

I do not know what the future of will be, the twitter page or our very succssful youtube page will hold, but one thing that must be said is that LilKimZone is where all of Kim's most long standing, true, honest & REAL fans reside. Everyone else trying to kiss ass to "get in" is so f*ckin see through and your gimmicks will soon be exposed but by that time it will be TOO LATE.

^ (just ONE of the MANY examples of our hard work. LilKimZone slaved to promote Kim all over the internet. Our video views have reached over 5 million, our channel is the first thing that comes up when you search for "Lil Kim"..and yet WE ARE HATERS? R U SERIOUS?!)

If we were to list all the things we have done throughout these 10 years to help out Kim's career, it would be never ending!

Remember Kim's trial back in 2005? It was HER FANS ON LILKIMZONE who begged & pleaded with her judge to show her mercy.

[click to enlarge]

(Remember this news clipping which was featured on the COVER of THE NEW YORK POST????? THAT WAS US! goes so hard for Kim that we even made NATIONAL NEWS Where were the "other" people during this whole ordeal ????? )

Her fans on LilKimZone have supported her through EVERYTHING and yet we are the haters?????? Anybody an ounce of rationality would be able to see that we were trying to help Kim.



But even *I* have my breaking point. Like many other fans stated before, to support Kim so hard & to be treated like this just for voicing our concerns & being real is unacceptable!

We no longer will be supporting someone who does welcome our support. We the REAL TRUE fans of Kimberly "Lil Kim" Denise Jones will not be ANYONE'S yes man.

I will be giving everything else over to our head webmaster & he will decide the fate of the site. Goodbye.

Posted on 28 Feb 2010 by LilKimZoneDeux

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