Kim's Assistant's Tweets Upset Fans

Kim's assistant posted recently on her Twitter account "Everyone send nicki a fuck u bday card!!!!!".

In reply, fans commented on the LKZ forum:

- "Thats just desperate and sad.

Saying send a FUCK YOU birthday card to Nicki Minaj?

Really Looch? You're really painting a good picture of Kim. "

- "Do we expect anything less?"

- "I think that is tacky and has nothing to do with music or the beef. Kim should muzzle her. "

- "This what happens when you hired a hoodrat from the street corner to be your manager she can do some much better cause poochie along with the rest of her team is going to fail her once again don't get fed i see it coming. This is no disrespect to kim but com' on son"

Others were more positive

- "Yeeees Looch!! I love her

- "on a professional level its horrible, but shes not so go off looch"

Posted on 12 Dec 2010 by LilKimZone

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