Salon Se Swa in Trouble?


Several weeks ago, Lil’ Kim and her cousin, Katrise Jones, announced their launch of a new chain of hair salons called Salon Se Swa but there wasn’t much noise made about the endeavor after the grand opening. Apparently an ex-employee of the salon has written a letter (addressed to Wendy Williams) giving details about its shady operations! The employee basically said that Katrise is a fraud who can’t pay her employee OR bills.


I know you mentioned on your show about Lil Kim’s salon, Salon Se Swa in Charlotte, NC. I need to give you the 4-1-1 on her crazy cousin, Katrise Jones who co-owned Salon Se Swa. First of all, Katrise does NOT pay her employees and she is in so much debt that she hasn’t even paid her rent at the salon or her house. Which I hear she moved out in the middle of the night owing the landlord over $15,000. Poor Lil Kim trusted Katrise as so many others and Lil Kim needs to run the other way. I met Lil Kim and she is an innocent person in this mess that Katrise made.

Katrise is a fraud and owes over $60, 000 to people including employees, rents on her “shops”, her fabulous Range Rover. She has written over $15, 000 in fraudulant checks She is what we call a HDM-a Hot Damn Mess!

Love you, gurl. How you doing.

Posted on 09 Jan 2011 by LilKimZone

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