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Jay: Another question I was meaning to ask you whatever happened to your groups' debut album; do you still talk with Timbaland and did you ever collaborate with Missy or Aaliyah?

Blue: As far as Tim goes, he is a great person & an amazing producer. Although to be honest I don't speak with him now.. in that industry ppl are so busy & rarely converse with anyone they feel isn't about anything.. I just wouldn't even waste his time.. & I'm not taking anything away from him or knocking him.. he never told me not to call him but I'm just that type of person that if I have nothing really to speak of that I know will interest him, I won't bother. Tim & I spoke maybe about 2 years ago because I bumped into his body guard & he told me how Tim would Love to talk to me.. he gave me Tim's number & when I called he was Shocked to hear from me & asked if I was signed.. I told him no I was a free agent & he jumped at the opportunity & was like what r u doing right now... it sounded like he wanted to work right away & sign me so badly & he told me to meet him at the studio he always recorded at.. without thinking twice I jumped at the opportunity! when I arrived, I think I called his cell about 5/6 times & left messages.. he never answered me. Mind you it was a cold day in NY & I was just literally left out in the cold. I waitied fro about 2 hours... until I became so disappointed & discouraged that I said Fuck this! I HATE to have to kiss peoples ass so I turned around & went home & never called him again.. Who knows what turn my life could have taken or what would have happened but I chose to just go home & continue to live a normal 9-5 life & decided I didn't have the patience it required & let my dream go.

Missy is a doll although I never recorded with her, however I worked & signed with Lil Kim for like 2 years but she was never able to get her label off the ground so again I returned to the regular 9-5 life. Aaliyah I met once but never worked with or got to know.

Jay: Incredible! I had no idea you were signed to Kim's label; hope I'm not buggin' you with all these questions lol but what was it like working with Kim and did you ever records any tracks with her if so do you remember what they were called? Another question I wanted to ask you was did you ever collaborate with Timbaland on the unreleased 1 Life 2 Live project aside from the 'Keep It Movin' song?

Blue: Lol No ur not buggin me.. no one does interviews with me these days lol... anyhow Yes I was signed with Kim & worked with her for about 2 years... She's a beautiful person! to be honest I liked her as an artist when she FIRST came out.. I used to say That's my competition.. but then after a few years I didn't like the image they had her portray so I felt, well she's no longer my comp just another female artist in the game, but next my comp was then Foxy.. mind you I wasn't out just yet.. but I was on my way... doing my research & preparing for who I had to go up against.. during those times (96-97) Kim & Fox were cool & honestly I never thought I would get to know either of them, let alone work with both! Red actually Dj'd for Foxy as he was a DJ way before he was a rapper, so when we got signed Red was still doing Dj'ing gigs with Foxy & she got wind of him starting a group.. Which at that point we got signed & he had to choose Artist or DJ.. he loved doing both so he asked Fox if we can open shows for her that way he wouldn't neglect the group nor her.. it worked out perfectly... until we started crushing her show.. lol hard to believe, but it's true.. On a personal level I always thought I would get along with Fox better than a person like Kim, I felt Fox was more down to earth & she was a Virgo! my same sign... & Kim, She was too Vulgar & Raunchy on songs so I imagined in person it would be worse.. but When we got on the road with Fox she was total opposite! She was Rude, raunchy, disrespectful & a pure Bitch to her people! She never came at me sideways, she was cool BUT I wasn't cool with that.. I don't like bully's or abusers plus she would diss my folks Red & Rammbo & try to put us down & tell us we had to know the difference between an opening act & a Headliner... I'll never forget that.. funny thing was that headliner wasn't filling up any buildings! & I know she has hits but I think it was Karma! when I tell you only 30 ppl would show up, I mean 30 ppl... in a venue that would hold 1000.. On those nights she would refuse to perform.. leaving more & more fans scorned & they vowed to never support her again... on those night we would still give it our all.. & then she'd be mad at us when they boo'd her for not coming out... she later kicked us off the tour.. lol anyway I'm going on & on here.. so I'll wrap this up.. I later signed with Kim as her brother (a Bronx native) who knew of me but I never saw or met him, had informed her that if she (Kim) was ready to start her own label she would need to get the chick that would most likely be her comp & have her on her team which was me... Kim confirmed this story to me.. SO Kim looked for me & when she found me she signed me.. I later came to find out she signed me without ever hearing Anything I was on.. she later admitted that she made the decision based off of her brother's insight.. I will admit that although her & I don't speak now & things ended on sour note she was a beautiful person! totally opposite of what I expected! so sweet ,kind hearted & truly a doll! NOTHING like what her music interpreted,.. Really a great being... our bond ended because of the circle around her.. & although I didn't get involved in that part of her life when she got into legal trouble etc I just stepped away.. I had nothing to do with junior mafia but she had lots of females around her who would steal & use her & at that level it's hard to know who's who. She also had men around her that were just being men tryna just get with ur girl & it made things hectic.. so we just parted ways..

Posted on 06 Feb 2011 by LilKimZone

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