"Lil Kim could be joining a new label very soon , word is several are courting her over a new album"

Posted on 07 May 2011 by LilKimZone

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by esmiley @ 07 May 2011 08:08 am
my girl stubborn as fuck. labels been courting lilkim for a while. she need to go on and sign with the better bid and do the dam thang.
by KIM FAN @ 07 May 2011 08:11 am
let's get it on! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh babe let's get on!!!!!!!!!!! wink

laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing
by NICKI MINAJ @ 07 May 2011 09:43 am
DEAD @ yall stiring this old pot of false news once again laughing laughing laughing laughing this shit was so last year with the release of an album in july 0f 2010 laughing laughing laughing the anniversary of the album that wasn't laughing laughing laughing lkz please lets not be delayed on this subject. tell krimmy to go across the pond and marry a count or somthin with her old ass cause people DONT WANT TO HEAR THE OLD HOE RAP ANYMORE laughing laughing laughing
by Queen-E @ 07 May 2011 09:45 am
She needs to do something shit I'm sick of all this Nicki vs Kim shit ignore that bitch and put in work I need something 5 mic status or something just as hard as HARDCORE I'm a true fan till the day I die but I'm getting tired now seriously !
by nicole @ 07 May 2011 09:48 am
by iAMRICOLOPES @ 07 May 2011 11:04 am
Lil Kim never mentioned she was going to drop an album 07/2010 WTF are you talking?? it was around BLACK FRIDAY FEBRUARY of this year that she said shes a VEGAS BABY and always rolls 7/11 and that her new CD should drop then 7/11 not 7/10 you FUCKIN JERK OFFs **snookie voice**

Plus RUMoRS are she gonna be dropping an EPIC DOUBLE CD that is going to shatter the industry and make these dead ass bitches ROLLEVER

Plus did you guys hear stinky krusty is callin herslef the baddest bitch in the pet store LMAO and she went and got that lace front after KIM twitter killed that hoe

and is just me after KIM said toss em in the lake like ricky bitch now krusty talkin all this RICKY Lake and talk show shit??

and is just me or AFTER kim went HAM roast these turkeys throw em on the GRILLY now that krusty bitch talkin POULTRY??

and is it just me or super bass look like KIM in no matter what they say video??
by Qb all day :) @ 07 May 2011 11:12 am
iAMRICOLOPES....agreed ;)
by Ace @ 07 May 2011 11:20 am
If Kim FINALLY joins a label again... I hope the label promotes her full force. Otherwise...ppl might sleep on her. She had a chance to sign wid young money b4 minaj did, she had a chance to sign wid akon, she had a chance to sign wid roc nation and why she didnt?! who fukn knows. Hopefully she gets fit and toned again and really gets a new makeup artist. If she does put out another album i hope its good. she needs to do some club songs and shit the radio wants to play. cuz all the gangsta rap and slow ass beats just isnt whats in right now. Like i said before she needs to attract a bigger audience. not just keep her old fans. We get that she gangsta and hard nd all that. But do something that EVERY1 wants to hear not just the old fans. I think she should work wid Fergie,Lady Gaga,Beyonce,Akon,50,E-40, 2short, Chris Brown,Far East Movement,Dev, Bay rappers,justin bieber. Ya big names to get her back out there again...She needa step out the box and do something new and reinvent herself again.
by xxx @ 07 May 2011 11:33 am
Labels been wanted to sign Kim but she wants a partnership. She doesn't want to be just an artist.

Thats why she left Atlantic & got sued by Brookland

But I hope somebody offers her a good deal so she can stop playin!!!
by STUFF @ 07 May 2011 12:22 pm
okay bitch QUEEN BITCH that is you showed these ass holes that you the shit and other hoes just the smell they know your worth now sign with somebody and lets get this money
by NICKI MINAJ @ 07 May 2011 12:57 pm
by DREAMZ @ 07 May 2011 03:10 pm
by paperchaser @ 07 May 2011 03:12 pm
the reason kim hasnt sighned with a label is because she does not want to relinquish ownership of her own brand. She has said in past interviews that she was looking for more of a partnership than just being signed. She wants to get her own shit off the ground. Basically she wants to be her OWN boss
by Biglove @ 07 May 2011 04:38 pm
omg i was in London over week they LOVE them some kim they like Nicki BUT love KIM THEY ROCK HER HARD IN CLUBS ALL HER OLD SHIT AND bLACKFRIDAY
by The Notorious O.N.E @ 07 May 2011 05:56 pm
What the fuck I look like getting back 2 a HAS BEEN??? Really....I just saw the You Tube footage Some fake azz Kim Fan/Nicki Stan mention in a previous post!!!

That cheap as wing and outfit...sad and I can't believe Nicki is performing with the HAS BEENS!!! Her performance was a Hang it Up Flatscreen!!! And I notice how childish she is trying to send more subliminals to Kim rolling her eyes and making faces on keywords!!!

Either way....she still # 2!!! Kim was on the show 1st and hell since Nicki is all in Kim's clit she need 2 ask Kim to teach her how to DANCE!!! She is the Rap World Whitney Houston tongue

She is stiff and she do the same lame as body roll on every performance....Superbass was sad that bitch can't move!!! Nicki will always be a Single White Female...U Gen Y kids go rent it to get a clue!!!


The Notorious O.N.E
"Even without a DEAL, I'll still be worth a MILL...Say Q.B. Look at them & look at U? True If I were U I HATE QUEEN BEE 2!"
by TRUTH @ 07 May 2011 06:33 pm
by BEESTING @ 07 May 2011 07:28 pm
This was Kims plan all along my bitch know exactly wtf she doing! Everyone is getting tired of Nicki she claims to be so hot but not doing anything creative or different lol I am so ready for Kim its insane! True kim fans know that feeling we get when our girl about to drop once u pop that album in we exhale and smile lol QBEE let's go
by KIM FAN @ 07 May 2011 09:00 pm
dat bitch bouta change her name now!!!!@nicki minaj laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing
by Naked Truth @ 07 May 2011 11:44 pm
Kim Does NOT want to sign to a label!
You want to Know WHY... because she doesn't want to be part of that Occult mess and be an Industry Puppet like Nicki Minaj and Dem other man made hoez to promote evil and throw up the baphomet and that damn "OK" sign on one Eye! And THATS the Naked Truth.
by Twin @ 08 May 2011 12:54 am
Well good luck to her because i really want another from her n i dnt know wendy williams is saying she should give up rap when she still got fans that dying for her to come back
by iAMRICOLOPES @ 08 May 2011 08:52 am
that shit about female rappers not being able to rap over 33 or 35 is old shit thats back in the day in the 1990's them fem rappers would die, BUT NOT SINCE KIM came in the picture, shes the baddest bitch in the game and she gonna be the first bitch to rap and go platinum after 35 then watch all these dead add bitches try and come back now KIM ALWAYS SET THE BAR and this is no different shes vibrant she got energy she look good still relavent and can rap her ass off, plus she got the fan base PLUS ITS A new era with different technology not like back in the days so WATCH KIM RIDE TILL the wheels fall off and like the sayin go when the wheels fall off TEAM KIM GONE PUSH THE MUTHA FUCKA
by tim @ 08 May 2011 09:01 am
nicki nicki nicki....da copycat is on lil kims webpage talkin dooky when she needs 2 go & finish her minaj wit magic johnson lmao kims da best always will be....even eve , foxy, & missy dont like yo pink wig wearing ass lookin like ratatouille bitch....i like u music but i love kims....ill choke out u & da whole yung money especially drakes soft broke ass...menttion kims name & we clappin from da crowd...."CLAP" "CLAP" bitch...but i love ur big fake ass.....lmao laughing laughing laughing tongue
by x-man @ 08 May 2011 12:58 pm
kim just wants to make more money...she is tired of working her ass off getting lil support and getting even less money...its understandable...but a label maybe able to give her the force she needs to finally put nikki in her grave...that re mix to worlds end is trash the song was trash to begin with...shame on b, spears.
by NICKI MINAJ @ 08 May 2011 03:33 pm
@krimmy fan happy mothers day you twat havin bitch!! tongue ps you would know the latest news on your favorite rapper NICKI MINAJ laughing laughing LMAO like i said before you in the closet when it comes to nicki!!!!! lol bitch you been a fan laughing laughing laughing
by DaHotNig @ 08 May 2011 04:43 pm
The only label courting kim is dirty money records ceo big fendi.
by jj @ 08 May 2011 06:12 pm
^^ lame^^
by KIM FAN @ 08 May 2011 06:31 pm
first off dat shit was ass, secondly i wasn't referring to the real nicki minaj i was referring to yu eventhough BOTH yu bitches r Fake tongue yu and dahotPig been done....

Face it Bitch, Ya Done Here
FallBack You've had ya Fun Queers
As far as the fans gettin busy
(Kim Fans) WE #1 HERE!!!!!!!! tongue
by King Duke @ 08 May 2011 07:57 pm
i jus dont understand y or how u all keep callin nic #2 wen ma gurl EVE is shittin on her!!!! nic is jus the it gurl she cute n all but u all give her a lil 2 much credit!!!
by NICKI MINAJ @ 08 May 2011 09:56 pm
@ the delusional krim faggot lmao @ you in denial laughing laughing NO BITCH!! YOU BEEN DONE months ago!!!! you were so disappointed that your favorite didnt come through & you left for months & then decided to come back when the weak ass mixtape pop off laughing laughing Face it Bitch, Ya Done Here
No album No single No major label & krim face, hair, makeup a fuckin mess = YOU KRIMLINS LOST laughing laughing laughing laughing FUCK FENDI'S PUSSY ASS TWEETs laughing laughing YES YES THE LAKERS WAS CHAMPIONS BUT THEY WENT OUT AS THE BIGGEST SORE LOSERS AND EMBARRASSED THEIR CITY, COACH & THE ORGANIZATION BECAUSE THEY DIDNT BOW OUT WITH CLASS! INSTEAD THEY ACTED LIKE PUSSIES tongue tongue LEARN SOMETHING BITCH!!! LEARN SOMETHING & YOU FUCKIN KRIMLIN BOW OUT GRACEFULLY CUS 54321 KIM & HER FANS TIME IS UP tongue (Kim Fans)= SORE LOSERS laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing
by NICKI MINAJ @ 08 May 2011 10:02 pm
WOW 7 MILLION VIEWS in 4 days tongue team minaj = team winners laughing
by NICKI MINAJ @ 08 May 2011 10:06 pm
"wit my Charlie Sheen voice" AH YEAHHHHH WINNING laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing
by KIM FAN @ 08 May 2011 10:46 pm
7mil views in 4 days DEAD at yu trying to compare black friday video to "Super _ass" video laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing and kim still wins my bitch wasn't gettin spins on 106 & park and all them other mainstream music channels and her video still was doin more numbers than dat Happy Girly Girl Skip, Smile & Hop Pop bullshit nicki has out now laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing Get over it tongue
by KIM FAN @ 08 May 2011 11:15 pm
laughing laughing did this carrot cake face bitch just sit here and say "I left for a few months??" laughing Well I'll Be Damn smh the bitch is keepin Tabs with not only Kim but with her fans too laughing laughing i was juss doing me yu act like its an obligation to be on the zone everyday laughing wtf yu have a time line of shit that goes on in the zone or something bitch laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing but yu's a nicki fan right??? laughing laughing laughing laughing
by King Duke @ 09 May 2011 06:40 am
"kim fan" is "the notorious one" nd "real talk".... lol #dead wack!!!! 32 as bird lmfao really?
by DaHotNig @ 09 May 2011 07:19 am
It is so sad that there are so few people on this site that when someone new comes on they get labeled as clones. That goes to show how far down the totem pole Kim and her fans are lol.
by DaHotNig @ 09 May 2011 07:20 am
I wish Kum Fan stop taking her aids medicine so she can die and be buried next to Kim's career.
by NICKI MINAJ @ 09 May 2011 08:27 am
I apologize to DaHotNig because i really thought you was krim faggot laughing like Duke said, the butcher face tranny has so many aliases its a damn shame so i wasn't for sure (sorry) laughing laughing he's the eddie murphy of lkz with all the different characters on one site laughing laughing lol lmao rotf haters gone hate it was all good thoe when krim drop K.I.M pop album!!! so cut it with dat pop shit kim fan & you get over yourself you weak ass bitch tongue
by hello @ 09 May 2011 08:41 am
Nicki kinda dying out. Did anyone see superbass? So freakin corny. Even ppl commenting sayin it's a discrace to contemporary music. But I will say if kim doesn't come back harder than nicki she aint the same kim she use to be.
by KIM FAN @ 09 May 2011 08:50 am
yu got king dukie, DahotrottenPig(who thought he could rap), and The Great Ape Minaj= 1 person smdh laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing

Notorious K.I.M was not str8 up pop the appropriate word to say is "commercial" more mainstream but she still was on her hood shit and have CLASSICS TRACKS on their lets be honest the shit i been hearin from nicki is far from classic "Moment for life" was the best thing that ever happen to her and thats exactly what it was "A MOMENT" laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing
by brett @ 09 May 2011 08:55 am
Look seriously get a life if you dont like kim why comment i dont care how many of us it is lil kim has fans and has a team i love kimmy balnco since '95 the only thing yawll got on kim is that she selling her ablum off paypal SO nicki beat em up scotty was sold on paypal too so read yo facts idc i do belive kim and nicki need to stop because there going to keep makin music and stuff why selling her mixtape off paypal is smart all that money going to fendi and kim staight to the bank.Kim Needs to get back to making abkums becuz her fans are waiting..leave the beef to be the bigger person kim but yea i love you fuck team nicki who the fuck ant war
by Real Talk @ 09 May 2011 09:29 am
@king duck em in the butt shut your soft ass up your prolly every kim hater on here you flip flop hoe one min your team kim then you throw shade and big nicki up fucks wrong wiff you clown she a clone ass bitch

& imma rock wiff this name Real Talk till they dead this hating ass site .. team Kim to the death Bitch !!!
by DaHotNig @ 09 May 2011 09:49 am
I know kum fan don't think she can wrap. This pop belly dorito breath smellin bitch on here talkin bout guns and shit knowing good and well all she got is a steak knife that she use to trim that wolf pussy.
by DaHotNig @ 09 May 2011 09:52 am
And Nicki is all up, all up, all up in the bank with the funny face...and if she fake we ain't notice cuz her money ain't! Which reminds me, the world agreed that Nicki had the best verse on a song with JAY Z and KANYE! Has kim ever been featured on such a song with the top male rappers and got deemed best verse? Only if they wrote it wink
by DaHotNig @ 09 May 2011 09:54 am
Nicki just beat out all female rappers for having the most charted songs from one album of ANY female rapper. This includes the beloved Lauryn Hill bitches. All these bitches is Team Minaj SONZZZZZZZ. kim was just a "step" son
by The Notorious O.N.E @ 09 May 2011 09:57 am
@ King DUKE, Roman, Martha, Nicki Minja, Nicki Fan, and the REST OF Y'ALL FAKE AZZEZ...Yes I'm 32 and have a LIFE & Career among other things and don't get my ROCKS OFF with coming to a website to PROMOTE HATE and MY DISTASTE for ANYONE I DON'T CARE 4...Now Roger that BITCH!!! smile wink wassat

U people are so SAD get a Life...I am never on that other chick sites period and I'm going to REP KIM UNTIL MY LAST DAY...even after this site is GONE...GOT THAT!!!

So FALL BACK...And sorry I'm not you sad ass PEOPLE....I only use O.N.E Name to post!!! I'm not bi polar or childish like U late people thinking it's CUTE TO COMMENT back to YOSELF like U saying something...alot of your TYPING STYLES AND VOCAB give U PEOPLE AWAY!!!

Keiandre J. McGruder aka the Notorious WHO I AM..U got that U lil fake azz bi polar Bitch??? Rep yo clone bitch with her NO CONCEPT HAVING AZZ OVER THERE...Even COPIED KIM's fucking SHOES...U and NICKI are Psychotic Clones...what the FUCK DO U GET FROM coming to SOMEONE SITE U HATE SO MUCH...answer that O.N.E 4 Me??? It's called SAD, CHILDISH, COWARD, HATER, and PITIFUL!


The Notorious O.N.E
"I hit them over the head and BEE like KIMMY don't play that...then I look around and BEE like didn't I just say THAT???" angry crying sad
by Roy aka prodigy @ 09 May 2011 09:57 am
look, i fuck with you i got talent check me out ms. kim
by KIM FAN @ 09 May 2011 10:29 am
DaHotRottenPig, yu done here boy boy tongue don't even open ur mouth cuz it smells like elephant shit bitch laughing I'm feeling like i'm at a circus and nicki is one of the Clowns performing laughing

Yu bitches r my dinner and I'm Prepared to Eat yu Bitches...chicken, biscuits, and fries now Roy Roger That Bitch!!!! wink
by The Notorious O.N.E @ 09 May 2011 10:37 am
Look at these NO CONCEPT HAVING PEOPLE??? I just said EVERYONE was saying NICKI verse Killed Jay-Z & Kanye...YES IT'S TRUE she did & people remember that verse!!!

JUST LIKE I SAID...All ABOUT THE BENJAMINS who Verse STOOD OUT IN THAT SONG? That song is still playing on the Radio and in CLUBS to this day and when WE ALL HEAR "U WANT TO BUMBLE WITH THE BEE HUH BUZZZZZZ!" Who takes the whole SONG??? DUDES & FEMALES sing that line when they HEAR IT...AM I lying??? EVEN BIG's verse at the end doesn't standout like KIMS!!!

Besides Puffy being A Rich Media whore and BIGGIE being GONE...KIM is the ONLY ONE STILL Making HEADLINES from that song...where are the LOX where is the Mafia??? NO album, NO single, still draw'em OUT...HELL Queen Bee GOT HATERS on her sites daily...Nicki Fan, Nicki Minja, JRockz, King Duke, DATHOTHOE, etc...KIM BRINGS U KATS OUT 2 HER SHIT DAILY...YO home is the ZONE SO WE PROUD OF THAT!!! So U can copy that...and U can Roger Dat...sad that U HATERS WON'T "Acknowledge" THAT!
by The Notorious O.N.E @ 09 May 2011 10:37 am
So NICKI ain't did shit...Kim kills her with her old shit LMAO...HER SSN# is slowly being EASRED...Only Female in her crew and she kick shit like a NIGGA FUCK U!!!

Kim the blueprint Nicki ain't NOTHING brand NEW!!! Young Money the MAFIA that's words to Lil' Cease...REALLY? They still trying to BEE ME FROM 97!!! smile winktongue laughing sad Without KIM there is NO Junior M.A.F.I.A! I've seen them come...I've seen them go still Kim REMAINS...ALL FEMALES get a HUGE BUZZ and fade out...Trina, Khia, Jacki O., Gangsta Boo, Remy, RaSheeda, Missy, Eve, Foxy, Smooth, L'Trimm, JJ Fad, 357, Shante, Boss, Da Brat, HWA, Choice, BWP, Rage, Salt N Pepa, etc...BUT WHO IS STILL HERE AND CAN MAKE A FRENZY WITH NO ALBUM, LABEL, or BACKING...K. I. M! Only 2 doing bigger things then QB is Missy with producing & Dana Owens with acting and being a covergirl!

Case Closed!!!


The Notorious O.N.E
"Dressed in all Black like the OMENS...have yo Friends singing this O.N.Es 4 My Homeyz!"
by DaHotNig @ 09 May 2011 11:07 am
Nigga who the fuk was kim to be compared to on the benjamins song? PUFFY? #fuckouttahere

And you know what is NEW? HISTORY! Nicki is making history.

kumfan you were dead during the rap battles so lie back down and rest in peace you bumpy nipple bitch. Yo titties look like pickles bitch. kim had her time and apparently it's over. annnnnd NEXT!

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