Lil Kim Announces New Single 'Looks Like Money'

Lil’ Kim fans flooded Twitter to wish the 37(36?)-year-old rapper a happy birthday, and in return, she surprised them with a few announcements, including the title of her new single.

“Looks Like Money” is set to be the first offering from her first studio album in six years, she revealed during her birthday chat with “The Lil’ Kim Fan Club Show.” It was reportedly produced by Rockwilder (“Lady Marmalade”).

If you were wondering why Kim’s part on Monica’s single “Anything (To Find You)” was so short, she explains that her verse was cut to make room for Rick Ross and that the full version will be heard soon. “I know everybody thought that my verse was just really, really short. In all actuality, I did a 16 in addition to the 8 bars that ya’ll all hear,” she said. “Monica and her people decided to add Rick Ross on the track.”

When it came to her collaborator, she had nothing but positive things to say. “Monica is one of the realest bitches I’ve met in this game,” she said before congratulating her on her marriage to Shannon Brown. (

Posted on 12 Jul 2011 by LilKimZone

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by Matty Blanco @ 12 Jul 2011 06:39 am
Lil' Kim is 37.
by j lanay @ 12 Jul 2011 07:07 am
She 36 7/11/1975
by The Notorious O.N.E @ 12 Jul 2011 07:26 am
Get that Money...Get that Money...don't stop hugging the block get that MONEY. Kim about 2 own the charts when She pop her collar, man that BITCH extra heavy on the starch
Extra heavy on the wheels, extra heavy on the watch Jewelry like Henny extra heavy on the rocks...KIM's GOONS on the grind extra heavy on the block
Da QUEEN like her men extra heavy with the guap...U Lames lookin' 4 the dude leavin the club in the Gallarado
Queen Bee lookin' 4 the dude leavin' in the helicopter!!!!
smile wink wassat

My girl toast over looking the Coast...think about that the next time the other BITCH FLYING COACH!


The Notorious O.N.E
"Convertible SAABS...K.I.M. married 2 the M.O.B.B...but if U don't stop then WE won't STOP...GET THAT MONEY!"
by DaHotNig @ 12 Jul 2011 07:54 am
dammit man. i was praying to the good lord that lilkim would just hang it up. why god why? she already got multiple platinum plaques. she already got a grammy. she earned her queen bitch title by biggie himself. let nicki have kim's spot and image and crown and fame. nicki cant be nicki with lilkim in the game. im depressed!
by esmiley @ 12 Jul 2011 07:57 am
LOOK LIKE MONEY tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue
by Red @ 12 Jul 2011 09:15 am
Nope she is 36 yeras young actually.. .7/11/1975
by Red @ 12 Jul 2011 09:20 am
Yes, we need at least one more Hardcore Lil'Kim product,so it can shit all over Nicki's Pink Frday, and then we can refer to Pink Friday by its true name: Brown Friday.
by TRUTH @ 12 Jul 2011 09:21 am
by thekimlover @ 12 Jul 2011 09:47 am
I fuckin love it kim promised an album and its comin I can't wait!!!! Kim happy belated B-day,and she is 36 and so what whoever said this BE SEATED!!! Kim is goin to have more haters now,its cool she likes the haters. Kim's album will be FIRE I LOVE IT!!!!
by DaGayNig @ 12 Jul 2011 09:54 am
BAhahahahahahahahaBahahahahaha now what nigga tell nicholas HANG IT UP FLATSCREEN.Nigga u r so lame and gay I heard like u like eatin hairy assholes and lickin mens toes BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,Babygirl, and Nicholas be seated cause the motha fuckin queen is bck bitches go hide under a motha fuckin rock FUCK U!!!!! LMAO
by kim's Bitches @ 12 Jul 2011 09:57 am
I know that's the fuck rite kim get that money baby happy belated b-day kimmy,the album is gone to be the shit WHAT!!!! laughing laughing Sicko go pound sand somewhere tongue tongue
by thekimlover @ 12 Jul 2011 10:02 am
by TeamQueenBee @ 12 Jul 2011 11:06 am
angry @dathotnig bitch get outta here with that nicki shit. That bitch can't fucken rap with all the scream and wierd faces, hoe got turrets or sumthin. The Queen is back and hotter then ever shittin on errrbody.
by Ubeenexposed915 @ 12 Jul 2011 11:22 am
Lil Kim Catalog File 117 La Bella Mafia Intro 2003
by Ubeenexposed915 @ 12 Jul 2011 11:31 am
I found the song hit me up for the link
by Swag @ 12 Jul 2011 12:03 pm
Wats da link?
by DaHotNig @ 12 Jul 2011 12:54 pm
everybody's all over this blond blue eyed look kim is comin back with. i love it, its the original lilkim look and its what made her the powerhouse she is. nicki used it and now kimmy takin it back. umma stop hating because the real lilkim is about to stand up!
by BEESTING @ 12 Jul 2011 02:32 pm
@Ubeenexposed do you have the link to Kims new song IM DYING to hear it soooo bad where is it homie
by bradleeyy @ 12 Jul 2011 03:06 pm
by theguccidon @ 12 Jul 2011 03:47 pm
Im the blue print u already know who the nicest with me they stuck In a identity crisis lol. Mah bitch Is comeing harder then eva!!! And It came out the horses mouth on 106 and Park In 2005 lol. And I been telling yall fag ass nikkas for years that KIMMIE BLANCO IS THAT FUCKING BITCH!!! Mah bitch Is rap royalty, the innovator, THE MOTHER FUCKING TREND SETTER, FASHION ICON SAYS TARA BANKS BITCH!!!! HA HA!!! SHE IS YOUR HIGHNESS IN THIS FUCKING GAME!!! THAT LIEING, DL DYKE ASS, LOW BUDGET, MARGE SIMPOSIN LOOK ALIKE, LIL KIM CLONE CLOWN AINT FUCKING WITH IT!!! HA HA!!! And now yall faggot nikkas want to hop back on mah bitch CLIT BECAUSE SHE IS BOUT TO SHIT!!! HA HA!!! I been a fucking fan since day 1 and neva fell back on mah bitch!!! Me and mah bitch got history 15 years In this fucking game wow!!!lol. and yall left LIL KIM alone for a fake ass lesbian whore lol. Who aint shit and aint neva be shit!!! lol. Fuck her and those younge money bastards!!! lol. THIS FALL IS THE YEAR OF THE BEE AND STICKI FINALLY ENDED HA HA!!! I LOVE U LIL KIM!!! BIG MOMMA, QUEEN BITCH, POSTA GIRL, THE BLACK ERICA KANE, HONEY GIRL, KIMMIE BLANKO UNTIL MAH CASKET DROPS. Bottom line mah bitch Is legendary and her swag Is throgh the ceiling!!! Looking forward to the single!11 THEGUCCIDON
by RelleBlanco @ 12 Jul 2011 04:39 pm
Oh yeah, I can't wait! Kim more anticipated then a Lebron ring! #TeamLilKim
by Oonthada @ 12 Jul 2011 05:09 pm
OMG She HAS to be 35 now!

1. Her mom said on her Driven episode that Kim was born June 11, 1976.
2. When Kim went on the radio talking about Nicki, remmeber when she said 'Ya'll need stop saying im olde than her that girl is 30. I'm only like 3 or 4 hyears older than her." Remember? Why would she say that id she was 36 (at the time)
3. Foxy was always like 2 or 3 years older than Kim and she is 32. If Kim is now 37, that would she was 22 years old when she came out, which is SO innacurate. She said when the M.A.F.I.A got their deal in 1994, she had to wai until she turned 18 to sign it. If ya'll saying she is 37, then that would mean she was 18 in 1992, which is BEYOND untrue. Kim is 35 years old. End of story.
by Will Tweet me WCM3 @ 12 Jul 2011 06:06 pm
tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue LOOKS LIKE MONEY!! Can't wait for it to drop.

TWEET ME http://www/
by DaHotNig @ 12 Jul 2011 07:07 pm
kim is 35 dummies and im a lilkim hater. anyways, nicki got her ass whooped in dallas today, she got knocked in the mouth. the goons are after that whore clone clown. NICKI GOT HER ASS KICKED! NICKI GOT HER ASS KICKED! NICKI GOT HIS ASS KICKED! HIS ASS KICKED! HIS ASS KICKED!
by esmiley @ 12 Jul 2011 07:13 pm
DAM @DaHotMess you get the news fast dont ya! yeas nicki got his ass beat down and called the POPO laughing.she/he a punk ass coward callin the police. she talk that shit and get busted in the fuckin mouth tongue. next time them goons might off her top!
by Michael @ 12 Jul 2011 08:44 pm
by DaHotNig @ 12 Jul 2011 09:19 pm
Here I am! The REAL DaHotNig and not that pickle in the booty bitch that adores me. Yes Nicki got punched but still took to the stage and shut down another show on the sold out tour.

kim has claimed a dude broke her nose which started her into fixing that current dorito nacho nose she has now. Don't get me started!!!! laughing

Too bad you all don't have a registration process for posting like so this imposter would be shut down. Oh well, that's how Queen Nicki rolls.
by DaHotNig @ 12 Jul 2011 09:44 pm
This is all that matters. Tune into E! Tomorrow to watch the true Queen of Hip Hop's hour long show and interview.
by Ubeenexposed915 @ 12 Jul 2011 09:58 pm
@Beesting No I dont have any links someone keeps posting under my name!!!!! the only things im uploading are CAtalog Files
by HoustonKid @ 12 Jul 2011 09:58 pm
Nicki Minaj gets punched in the face.LOL
by purpleheart @ 13 Jul 2011 12:03 am
why is nicki minaj even being meantioned on a LIL KIM FAN CLUB PAGE. why are that broad stans posted on this site. i know we all dislike the broad for various reason... but can yall not speak of the broad.... anyway im not understanding why people are on twitter concerned about lil kim not being signed to g-unit... lil kim NEVER SAID SHE WAS SIGNED TO G-UNIT... im glad she isnt to be quite honest.
by Biglove @ 13 Jul 2011 12:13 am
omg she the Queen of POP not HIP HOP lol she fuck that up lol
by DaHotNig @ 13 Jul 2011 02:51 am
im bi-polar
by BEESTING @ 13 Jul 2011 03:19 am
@ubeenexposed thanks yo...I don't get these fucking kids on here lol...Kim got bitches on her site following everything she does...That's what a bad bitch makes u do...nickis fans smh ah mess!! I guess pink friday got old to u mufuuckaz how legendary kim album will be EPIC as usual can't wait
by FultonSt @ 13 Jul 2011 03:31 am
Dahotmess since you know nickis website why don't you try typing it in and getting the fuck off kim dick!! I mean we know you like dick but maybe you will have more fun on that dildo nicki performs with lmfaooooo you lame dirty fag! Awwww are you really that bored with your clown and want a taste of the real thing!! Its ok bitch we understand and thanks for being a loyal fan!
by Ubeenexposed915 @ 13 Jul 2011 06:53 am
@Beesting oh wait I just fuond the link it just leaked holla at me if you want it if you can't find it online yet
by Transexy510 @ 13 Jul 2011 07:06 am
What's the link Ubeenexposed915?!!!? PLEASE let me know!!!
by DaHotNig @ 13 Jul 2011 09:41 am
@FultonSt. i cant help it. im obsessed with lilkim just like nicki minaj. im a big big big fan of lilkim, lilkim is my life and thats why i stay on this site. i say dumb shit just to argue with you all cause i have absolutly no life at all. i even say disrespectful shit to my momma and grandmomma just to make them mad. yesterday i called my momma a bulldaggin skank bitch and i told her to eat my shitty asshole! im bi-polar.
by DaHotNig @ 13 Jul 2011 09:54 am
OMG OMG i just found out nicki got her ass kicked because the stranger she was trying to have unprotected sex with found out she is a MAN with a little dick and huge nuts! wow.
by Ubeenexposed915 @ 13 Jul 2011 12:00 pm
Good news Kim signed with G-Unit
@Transexy510 you sure you haven't found it yet..
by queenkim @ 13 Jul 2011 12:08 pm
How come this website doesn't know Lil Kim correct age! Kim just turned 35 on July 7! She was born July 7, 1976 and if u contest what I say here's the proof of her mother telling lil kim's date of birth! Kim's mom says her age at 1:57 minutes into the video! smh
by Transexy510 @ 13 Jul 2011 12:22 pm
We're talkin bout the link to her new single "looks like money@ right UBEENEXPOSED915??? If so, no i have not found the link. Unless u were talking about that grapejuice article????

Messages on YouTube. My username is TRANSEXY510
by Ubeenexposed915 @ 13 Jul 2011 12:27 pm
Its official Nicki stan keeps using my name I DO NOT HAVE A LINK TO HER NEW SINGLE AS IT IS NOT OUT YET anything else is bullshit when it comes out I will post it ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL no other links are needed just check the channel if you have any doubts to whos posting fake shit

by Jawan @ 13 Jul 2011 01:00 pm
Lil Kim Is The Best Fa Ghet Dhat Raqqedy Bitchh Nic (Kim)Inaj Lamee Ass Bitchh Ihtss Kimss Yearr && MO too Comee Hahahah !?
by miles @ 13 Jul 2011 01:01 pm
angry tongue laughing wassat wink smile wink wassat tongue laughing sad angry crying angry sad tongue laughing tongue wassat wink smile wink wassat tongue sad laughing sad angry crying smile wink wassat tongue laughing sad angry crying Yay Lil kim &7 Ihm Only Anqryy Cuzxx IHATE Nicki Minaj
by DaHotNig @ 13 Jul 2011 01:11 pm

Interviewer: 50 cent, is lil kim signed to G-Unit?

50 cent: Huh? Never heard of it.


You dragonball z cunts are so thirsty! 50 cant even help his own career right now!
by King Duke @ 13 Jul 2011 01:17 pm
is this whut da world has come to after I been off this site for a min
you call yourselves team kim but all of you are just dick riding Nicki the beef was yesterday when are you children ever gonna learn this site still suckz ass i can see and everybody's swiping names what a damn shame smdh
by King Duke @ 13 Jul 2011 01:19 pm
@ubeenexposed niggah were the fuck you been the shit leaked hours ago and yall are sill bitching about the single lkz and members still behind as fuck i can see
by The Notorious O.N.E @ 13 Jul 2011 01:56 pm
Due 2 the fact that there are
some people...Like the PUNK AZZ KING... DUKE over there...Who thinks KIM dirty she really couldn't give a shit Cause ya'll buy Q.B. records dem same ones that be talkin bout Lil'Kim dirty Be buyin' HER shit & hidin' it!!! smile wink wassat

"Why all di durty nigga dem sit around & judge KUM all dem a chat bout, don't even budge Queen Bee cause SHE no owe nobody no explanation Q.B. convert it over to di almighty O.N.E...When dis bad gyal come out We jus run dem in di morgue and dem can't come out some a di gyal 'em need to jus shut dem mouth some a di durty niggaz need to jus shut dem....

This site still sucks but yo bitch azz coming & reading every post & poppin yo gums!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP in my Q.B. Black Friday Intro Voice!!! tongue laughing tongue

U need to get slapped in the mouth like that clone bitch did...thought her azz was all that and got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT! laughing laughing laughing


The Notorious O.N.E
"Even thou they IDOLIZE U...THEY still critize U...DURTY!" Lil' Kim "Durty" Naked Truth
by ! @ 13 Jul 2011 02:15 pm
No one cares about nikki being on E once again lil kim been there already
lil kim is all that matters its her time now nikki's time is up the real deal just step on the stage enough wit this pop bitch real rap is back lil kim we need u.

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