Kim Performs with a Band, Background Singers, and Dancers in Melbourne, Australia

Click Here to watch Part 2.
Click Here to watch Part 3 (Benjamins over Otis).
Click Here to watch Part 4 (Queen Bitch).
Click Here to watch Part 5 (Man down & Lighters up).

Posted on 19 Aug 2011 by LilKimZone

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by Mickie @ 19 Aug 2011 04:36 am
Yay Kimmie!!
by Mickie @ 19 Aug 2011 04:36 am
Yay Kimmie!!
by KIM FAN @ 19 Aug 2011 05:44 am
Headlines read "Kim puts it down in Austrailia" wink
by philly @ 19 Aug 2011 05:45 am
epitome of an me some kim...she can be hollywood and still keep it so hood!
by KIM FAN @ 19 Aug 2011 05:56 am
did yu guys checkout youtube with chirographer laurieanne gibson weighing in on The Queen and nicki with VLADTV. wink
by i hate nicki-copyingslut @ 19 Aug 2011 06:28 am
by i hate nicki @ 19 Aug 2011 06:29 am
Go Kim!
by onlyTHEtruth @ 19 Aug 2011 06:52 am
okay, some what better- As a fan i still want Over all she sounds great, looks good and i love the live band.To all fans im not hating, im a fan - a big fan myself. we just have to keep it funky because im sure her team/rep is reading this behind all of us and if we allow them to believe that these half ass perform' are okay then it will keep kim basic and i don't want that from her no mroe. So heres to hoping her team is reading this... YALL NEED TO STAY ON YALL GRIND AND CONTINUE TO WORK HARD!!!! because this next album is gonna make or break kim- even for me as a fan...
by foxy brown @ 19 Aug 2011 08:36 am
lilkim look like she havin alot of fun. i wish i had it like that, i'm still nowhere doin spots in hole-in-the-wall clubs. i hope nicki team up with me so we could double team this bitch. we hate american black girls. she still doin concerts overseas no album out-amazin.
by NICKI MINAJ @ 19 Aug 2011 08:42 am
@foxy brown-yeah girl you so right, she still popular doin concerts all over the world no album out! i cant seem to shake this ho. i stole her whole image and she still the queen bitch? i think if we hook up it might just work. us trinidad bitches need to stick together.
by foxy brown @ 19 Aug 2011 08:47 am
@nicki-i change my mind-your a pussy twat eater and me only dicky dicky. i'll just stick to my 20 fans and tackle this bitch on my own, i dont need you stealing the spotlight from me.
by NICKI MINAJ @ 19 Aug 2011 08:53 am
@foxy brown-what spotlight bitch, that lamp in that little club you performed in? your pussy stink anyway. lilkim better than you ever was and she coming back to destroy yo ass again. laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing
by foxy brown @ 19 Aug 2011 08:56 am
@NICKI MINAJ-you better have your fun while you can cause lilkim is no joke. she gonna do to you what she did to me and remy ma and i cant wait to see it all unfold. tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue
by safaree @ 19 Aug 2011 09:01 am
@NICKI MINAJ-bitch i made you the glamorous drag queen you are. i'm gonna tell everybody how big you dick is!
by MATV @ 19 Aug 2011 11:26 am
SHE BEH KILLEN EM #MATV #MATTYBLANCO smile smile smile smile smile smile smile
by DaHotNig @ 19 Aug 2011 01:32 pm
It is a sad day when one person actually creates a dialouge with themselves. I mean you should feel like a fuckin retard to script the words of others. I mean your mother and father are extremely old or retarded as fuck to have birthed such a colossal failure. Do us all a favor...get a knife and run into it.

And on that note...
kim looks like a basketball/elvis says MTO laughing

I rest my case, have a good weekend.
by #realtalk @ 19 Aug 2011 01:42 pm
Yo.. she is really developing her act. This was a hot performance. Kim does her own thing. And she's a REAL MC (Microphone Controller) The lady knows how to rock the microphone! #nomatterwhatpeoplesay!
by HoustonGirl @ 19 Aug 2011 02:00 pm
Media-takeout Photoshop those pics of lil kim.I was there and she didn't look like that.She looked real nice. Media-takeout is on Nicki's payroll.
by DaHotNig @ 19 Aug 2011 03:29 pm
LOL @houstongirl you were in Australia? laughing
by esmiley @ 19 Aug 2011 04:24 pm
stop suckin so much dick and start eatin pussy sissyfied ass fag.
by kim fan @ 19 Aug 2011 05:48 pm
I just seen the video of foxy tryin to diss kim again yawn, kim and her need to just settle it once and for all. Foxy was always corny,she is sooooo jealous of kim success. She.need to hang it up.pop laughing tongue
by purp @ 20 Aug 2011 05:25 am
@onlyTHEtruth i feel exactly what u are saying!!! her next studio album HAS to be FIRE..but what i know from her previous 4 albums im sure it will be great. but kim has to do something unexpected that even us as fans and the media will be like WOOOHOOO. this could be REALLY EPIC cause her and missy are about to prove that after 15 plus years in the game as female rappers they can still hang in the game regardless of age and circumstances. Its unfair and biased that males can be in the game so long. through beefs.. jail time.. and other downfalls or obstacles (exs. Jay Z, Eminem, lil wayne.. etc ect) ... but if a female rapper goes through the same thing the media the critics and even some fans turn thier backs.. come on teamkim... and people that are in her inner circle... if yall reading this... dont get complacent and think u have it soley in the bag. u gotta keep pushin and show these lame ass that REAL female rap aint to be fucked with and there is only ONE QUEEN BEE
by Lisa @ 20 Aug 2011 05:57 am
Thats why its very important that every female support lil kim, its unfair that we as women are made to feel that if we are not a certain age or weight that we can't be successful in entertaiment!! we must change this by supporting lil kim!!
by Phillyboy @ 20 Aug 2011 07:49 am
I will always support kim to the fullest, I def. see her on billboard again,knockin nicki right out of there. I will never stop ridin wit kim this album is gone to be straight fire, I think she really takin her time wit it. I love u kim till my dying day teamlilkim allday wink
by me @ 20 Aug 2011 08:19 am
What was all the songs she performed and how many??
by NICKI MINISKI @ 20 Aug 2011 10:20 am
as a moderator now i was ask to behave, but I just have to say its so so sad you have a ding bat strawberry shortcake BUM bitch playin the rolls of foxy nicki & safaree. eww crying grow the fuck up & get a life U ass hoe wink


by kim fan @ 20 Aug 2011 02:16 pm
@the goof nicki mininski get the fuck off this ir not wanted on her u r 1 other dadork want to come to lkz.and talk shit. This is teamlilkim we only fuck wit the best and that is the oringinal the boss,h.b.i.c. Cant no bitch fuck wit the so get the steppin angry angry
by Philly boy @ 20 Aug 2011 02:21 pm
@kimfan laughing laughing I feel what ur sayin laughing laughing laughing
by diehardKIMfan @ 20 Aug 2011 05:23 pm
by DaHotNig @ 20 Aug 2011 10:29 pm
@kim fan Is that post written in a secret cuz bitch you sound stupid as monkey shit. Only other person that can understand dat would have to be a fat greasy broke fish cunt. Oh, phillyboy.
by KIM FAN @ 20 Aug 2011 10:42 pm


Gotta see the smurf pic!
by Tweet me WCM3 @ 20 Aug 2011 11:05 pm
smile smile I love LilKim, she's having so much fun that's what it'a about.
by lilkieba @ 21 Aug 2011 07:28 am
smile im so proud of her.!!!!!!! i agree with realtalk. She is really developing her act/performance. She always performend well but its reaching th star power I always knew she had!!!! i love this performance and all the others! kim has so many songs she could do.She needs to headline her own world wide tour!
by Phillyboy @ 21 Aug 2011 09:31 am
@dadickweed u r more of a barbie doll then ur mentor so why dont u go do what u do best and go in the mirror if it dont break and dress up like nicki and go on the ave and go suck a dick for 5 dollars or maybe you and yo pop be gettin in
laughing laughing laughing tongue
by Philly boy @ 21 Aug 2011 09:39 am
@danig I dont need to be comin under a diff. Name cause im not scared I say where im from ill beat u down so bad u dont want to fuck wit me lilgirl! angry
by Phillyboy @ 21 Aug 2011 11:58 am
Yo @dadumnig comin on here as nicki miniski see I knew this dude got sugar in his tank big time. laughing tongue so anybody comin on here acting like nick everyone knew anyway laughing laughing
by DaHotNig @ 21 Aug 2011 07:20 pm
Daaamn phillboy you were really slobbin on my nut sac all day while I was on S Beach! I'm official as fuck so I rep only my name. I let you frisky haitian cunts have it so why would I need to switch names? Nigga I will bitch slap you back to 95 when kim was hot!

@kim fan I know it does you well to see any ill news on the new queen of Hip Hop but you have eyes. They painted Nicki blue and put her in a smurf cartoon. Sad thing is kim looks like a cartoon in real life so they didnt have to fuck with her pix. You need to join me in tryna encourage kim to lose weight and stop wearin them fuckin lacefronts lookin like a fat mexican from south central.
by KIM FAN @ 21 Aug 2011 08:12 pm
Listen, ur bitch nicki looks silly! get over it dammit! laughing and if ur so Hot then yu should know Kim has Wayyyyyyyyyyyy more swag then nicki goofy 10 dollar bag wig wearin ass laughing
by TRUTH @ 21 Aug 2011 08:32 pm
by Phillyboy @ 22 Aug 2011 03:57 am
@-danig I will hit u so hard ur mother will feel it u r a fruit cup,u dick suckin cumdrippin freak. Ir boy nick look more like ken then barbie. laughing u dont want nothin here nut! tongue tongue im on here for the original queen lilkim
by Fashion @ 22 Aug 2011 04:44 am
@DaHotNig, you know nikki is a mess do u see her she is a fashion DON'T! from her her cloths to her face to her wigs.
SHE IS A MESS!!! Honey nikki is not cute!! she is a mess, lil kim got fashion,style and grace, she look a little serged, but she still look more fab then nikki!!!
by DaHotNig @ 23 Aug 2011 06:23 am
So you all are telling me that lil kim looks better than Nicki Minaj? laughing I dare yall to say that in public and watch the reaction on anybody face LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

kim don't even look human, how the fuck she gon look better than Queen Nicki? kim is competing with trannies and dinosaurs she ain't even in the running to be an attractive bitch! kim is the new gingerbread man.

Any nigga dat say otherwise is gay as fuck! If you had to smash one of dem and u chose kim u gay nigga cuz dat mean u not thinkin wit your dick you thinking wit ur pussy cunt holes.
by KIM FAN @ 23 Aug 2011 06:28 am
nicki would look so much better w/o the clown look laughing kim has wayyyyyyyyyy more swag thn nicki on the mic and in appearance.....

nicki is a goofy clown looking bitch which makes her unattractive, yu on the other hand wants to be her instead of fucking her tongue laughing
by Phillyboy @ 24 Aug 2011 04:43 pm
@kimfan that was fu nny as shit what u said laughing :laaughing lilkim to me has been pretty even wit the surgeries theres times kim dont look good thats all celebrities. Nicki I dont think is pretty not because of the beef I just dont I think she was aight lookin in2007. Kim has git stage presence and she will always draw crowds wassat
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