Kim's ex-boyfriend forcibly drugged by feds in prison for murder trial, lawyer says

The feds forcibly drugged rapper Lil’ Kim’s ex-boyfriend in an effort to make him competent to stand trial on multiple murder charges, his lawyer charged.

Prosecutors have been seeking since 2009 to forcibly medicate Damion (World) Hardy, who suffers from schizophrenia but has refused to take his meds.

But this month the feds - in violation of a court order - forcibly administered a long-lasting dose of the powerful anti-psychotic drug Haldol to Hardy at the federal prison in Springfield, Mo., where he is being evaluated, the Daily News has learned.

Brooklyn Federal Judge Frederic Block had signed the order this year barring Hardy from being involuntarily medicated without consulting his lawyer, prosecutors and the judge.

Assistant U.S. Attorney James Loonam confirmed at an emergency hearing in Brooklyn Federal Court that prison officials forcibly restrained Hardy and administered the injection on Nov. 8 because the defendant had a “psychotic emergency.”

Hardy flipped out in his cell after putting his hand through a food slot and demanding legal papers. Prison officials, unaware of Block’s order, deemed him a danger to himself or others and ordered the injection two days later, according to discussions in court.

But defense lawyer David Ruhnke charged that the feds were pulling an end run around the court order. “Now they have an opportunity to experiment on Mr. Hardy to see if anti-psychotic medicine works,” Ruhnke said. “He’s not supposed to be medicated. Period.”

Hardy, 37, is accused of being the leader of a violent Bed-Stuy drug gang, Cash Money Brothers, a name taken from Wesley Snipes’ crew in the film “New Jack City.”

He is charged with murdering six people, including an innocent bystander, and faces the death penalty for ordering the killing of a rival.

He now calls himself Isa Ibn Tibril and thinks he is the Messiah, according to court papers. Defense and government shrinks found him incompetent to stand trial in 2007.

The prosecutor said Hardy is due for another dose of Haldol on Nov. 29, but the judge put that on hold pending another hearing. “He’s not going to be medicated again without coming to see me first,” Block said.

The judge admitted that when he signed the do-not-medicate order, he did not consider the possibility of an emergency. “I just blindly approved it,” Block said.

Hardy and Lil’ Kim were engaged and living together in a New Jersey mansion, and he drove a Land Rover she gave him, according to press reports, but she has not come to court for any of his appearances since his indictment in 2006. (source:

Posted on 28 Nov 2011 by LilKimZone

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