Natasha Lyonne of Orange Is The New Black Speaks on Kim Again

(andpop.com)Lyonne would love to have Lil’ Kim perform at Litchfield prison:

I don’t know, I think we would enjoy having Lil’ Kim come perform at the prison… I think that if she came in a very specific nineties outfit involving pasties, I think we could have a really good time with that. I can just picture it now: Big Boo, and me and Taystee really having a grand ol’ time with that… So maybe like, uh, a very specifically outfitted Lil’ Kim.

… Yeah, it would be a good time I think. Crazy Eyes would go wild. Poor Red would be just disgusted and confused. I think everybody would really enjoy themselves during that performance.

Posted on 04 Jul 2015 by LilKimZone

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