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How did you end up working with Kevin Gates on ď#MineĒ?

I called him up one day and I was like, ďI love you, Iím a huge fan.Ē From Instagram you can tell heís a cool person. I think we had a lot in common when we vibed on the phone. I was like, ďI want gansta love,Ē and he was like I got you. From the first lines he sent me, from the way he rapped and sang it, it was exactly what I pictured. It was picture perfect.

Were you looking for a specific song to record or just feeling him out?

When I make music, I never know what song is going to be that one. Sometime when youíre making music, you get to a point in your career when itís not fun, maybe youíre going through a tough time. When I did Naked Truth it was a serious time in my life. I had gone to prison, I had all that stuff. My music was really serious at that time. But even during the serious times, being sexy is always a must. I have a song on that album called ďKitty BoxĒ and even during that serious time in my life, that was something I wanted to get out.

Thatís the Lilí Kim brand of owning your own sexuality.

All of my albums have never, never, never not had a sexy song on there. No matter what. I could be cracking jokes on one of my verses then out of no where youíre going to hear a sexy line. Thatís just me. Thatís how I talk in real life. But ď#MineĒ to me has that sexy feel even though itís still gangsta. Itís gangtsta love.

Is that the kind of music youíre going to put out this year?

Thatís it: Gangsta love, sexy club fun. This record with Kevin was a blessing and we just took it and went with it. He was just so awesome about the whole process. It was produced by these awesome new producers Millz for Millz Production and Taz Taylor.

So are you in the studio?

Iím in the studio every other day. Whenever I can find a break from the little one [daughter Royal Reign].

Who else are you working with?

I have a couple people but I really donít want to say. I want to leave a little mystique.

Are you aiming to put out an album this year?

I never ďaimĒ to put out an album. When I was with my record company, they would aim to put out an album but Iíll be honest with you, Iíd aim for certain days to drop an album and it would never happen. Weíd get so caught up in making good singles and good music where we would just be vibing. When the time was right weíd drop an album. Honestly Iím just having fun making music right now.

Was there a time when you werenít having fun?

It came to a point when life got serious. Sometimes the music wonít always be the focus but itís always there in the back. Music is what I am. Itís what Iím made of. When I had my baby, music definitely wasnít my focus. When I was pregnant, music wasnít my focus. My focus was making sure I had a beautiful healthy baby and raising her, to be the best mother I can be.

Has being a mother influenced the way you want to make music? [Lilí Kim gave birth in 2014.]

No. Not at all, because itís like watching a good movie. Itís all entertainment. Entertainment is what I do. When she gets older Iíll make sure I show her the difference. If anything it makes me a better artist.

Youíre working on a fashion line too. Howís that going?

When people set out to do fashion Ė and I know this from talking to my friends Marc Jacobs and Donatella [Versace] Ė you never know who your core base of fashion is going to be. You have some girls who are a little bigger and cantít fit into certain things and you got some girls who are very slim and they feel like certain clothes donít make them feel great. Sometimes Iím representing for the juicy girls and sometimes Iím representing for the slim girls.

Which artists are you interested in today?

I listen to a little bit of everyone Ė Future, Rihanna, Drake. I like J Cole. I love Adele. I could be listening to Taylor Swift then change over to Kevin Gates.

What did you think of the Kanye Westís Yeezy Season 3 show? Your photo with Kim Kardashian was a hit.

Kanyeís a super creative artist and I had the pleasure to be one of the first artists he worked with. When no one knew who he was, he and I were just working. I knew he was different.

Different from other rappers?

He was different from the music at the time. I didnít realize he was such a fan of mine. If I had the authority back then I would have done everything to get his music out there when he was trying. I was on the Kanye wave before everyone was.

How has rap music changed since then?

Honestly, when youíre a real artist you donít ever separate the genres. If youíre a good artist, youíre going to be reinventing your musical style every single time. When we were in our prime back in the day when Bad Boy were moving around, we were changing music. I donít feel one person is one way all the time. If you are one way all the time then you need to get an enema out of your butt.

Posted on 09 Mar 2016 by LilKimZone

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